Game Performance


I just checked, pretty amazed myself but all threads shot up during the game (just ran through Rattay again). There was a pretty good spread, I’d say all cores were working and the clocks (stock) were all at 4.7GHz.


well daam then


Yeah, thread 16 max usage: 100% ! Although not all were at 100%, the first 8 were and 9-12 maybe 77% tops.


over 50% usage cores matter most


All of them were over 50% and that was with the machine running KCD by itself, nothing else open. The era of multi-threaded games is upon us! I read that in the early days this game wasn’t using more than 1 or 2 cores? Seems they solved that one. Lol

#26 guy says 6 cores in this video so idk maybe they have patched it later better for multiple cores


I saw that one, that was in the early days and I’m sure they’ve added multi-threading enhancements since. Consoles’ strength really is more CPU threads over raw graphics power, so for games to run smoothly on them they need multi-thread support. Both PS4 and XB1 have 8 threads each (I think). I only play exclusive titles on console, and would never choose console over PC but that’s just personal preference. Spider-Man on PS4 was incredible. Anyway… Back to KCD…:wink:


true but still amd cant compete with intel what comes to gaming performance even when those have like x2 amount of cores but I guess u need high clocks and atleast 8 cores too


The only game I’ve worked on was relased between 2003 and 2008 but it was created with an engine that was written in C back in like . . . 1986, and has had a dozen or so games created from it. There are literally NO C++ specific functions in it (no classes for example). Before I got involved, one of the dudes who worked on it (its more of a “modding” project than a, commercial project) had adapted it to make use of multiple cores. I have no idea how he did it, but he did!


Buckled and ordered a RTX 2080 Ti. If the devs do end up reading this, yes I pretty much bought this card just for this game and any other KCD games you make!


I upgraded my whole pc mostly for this game. Looking for a 8700k now instead of my 7700k. Just upgraded to a 1080ti and I gonna watercool it tomorrow. Cpu is already water-cooled and on 5.1ghz but kingdom come is still struggling sometimes at ultra/high settings (1440p)


CPU is hugely important for this game, seems to run a lot better on Intel too from the benches I’ve seen.


Waiting 10th gen intel :slight_smile:


Well, with the RTX 2080 Ti, I am playing with everything on Ultra including the Ultra texture pack. The game does dip into the 50s when indoors or outside with torches but otherwise stays around the 80ish mark. Playing at 1440p as well, with a 144Hz monitor.

In terms of the gameplay itself, I’m deliberately holding off on finishing the game as I can’t go and join the band of bastards whilst Sir Radzig is expecting me to ride off to deliver Jobst’s letter. Something that’s only meant to take “a few days” would ebd being months in actual game time, due to the fact I can’t stop playing the game.


Thanks for the write up on the effects of CPU on the game.
I am running a 1080GTX at 1440p, Game is gorgeous, but I do not even have to run it to know I cannot gallop around Rattay like that. I think I wimped out on my cpu, I will look when I get home.
I am still on my first play through, bought in early January. I am finishing Amorous and leaving the main quest at Cant beat them until I see if I can put in the bastards in mid quest.


I bought in early Dec and have already clocked about 220 hours. Wife not happy!

Framerates in Rattay do drop to high 60s with everything at Ultra but stabilise to about 70ish. The main thing for me is that there are no micro stutters anymore, my 1% min frame rate is well over 60fps. If I drop shaders to medium and shadows to high it’s around 100fps but I miss out on the reflections in puddles. Too good once you’ve had them.


Ya just looked, a i5 7500. sigh, I underbought on the cpu for sure.


Is it a new system? Is it too late to send the kit back?


no, late 2017.


I always sell my stuff as I’m buying new components. I’ve always been able to pay “step-up” prices by doing it as soon as possible following new releases - what about doing that?