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I do not update so often, I normally buy more upscale stuff but on looking at that time could find no reason to get the i7 processor. But I am getting mid 20s through rattay.



Nothing at all wrong with AMD (I hope they kick Intel and Nvidia’s ass this year) but clock for clock, Intel is faster. Regardless of GHz, their CPUs don’t have as many Instructions Per Cycle (IPC) as Intel’s. I only use Intel / Nvidia because it’s currently the fastest for what I need. That being said, AMD will give you a decent number of cores / threads for the money which help a lot in this game, but clock speed also really matters. Now that I’ve got the AMD / Intel debate answered (from my perspective, anyway) I would personally sell my CPU if I were you and upgrade to a chip that your motherboard supports with more cores / threads so you only have one thing to worry about.



I stick with Intel, but I got an I5 instead of the I7. Will likely live with it now cause when I replace it I will do the cpu, hsf, ram and ssd all the same time.

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I did just that for this game. I went from i5-2500K -> i7-8700K with water cooling, nvme ssd + the whole shibang but kept my old strix gtx 980. Long story short I ended up getting new power supply because the old one could not give the voltage for memory xmp speed although it had the wattage for it. Anyway fps went from 30 to 60. I keep a max 60 fps limit on for kcd and 1080p res with high settings mostly. it drops in Rattay to around 57 or so.

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Good shout! This game needs cores + threads over raw graphics power, wise choice on the upgrade.

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U sure ofc this “benchmark” aint realistic but still I mean 6 cores/threads vs 6 cores 12 threads



Between i5 and i7 the comparison would be more clear at least when comparing threads. Quite many factors flying around here. Still would like amd to kick intel and nvidia in the *ss sooner than later.

edit: I guess there’s the disable HT option in bios if someone really want’s to go there.



Can only go on personal experience, mate. I see every single thread being over 70% utilised when KCD is running, so it’s definitely using all the threads it has available. Upgrading my CPU gave me 100-150% more performance, whereas upgrading my GPU from the 1080 Ti to 2080 Ti gave me 20-25% at most. The card still runs at 99% at times, but other times GPU will only be ~60% utilised so something tells me we can eek more performance out of pretty much all GPUs (DX11) with further updates. Unfortunately CryEngine is nowhere near as good as Unreal Engine with regards to tapping up hardware.



well I guess I have to believe u then its just very weird u play on 1440p and still 70% usage



Not 70% solid, it’s abou 40-60% CPU average but every single thread will go up to / over 70% so they’re all being used. With regards to telling the truth, I have no reason to lie, I’m happy to upload screenshots etc.



What is your CFG file look like?? i have the i9-9900k and a 1070ti 8GB card, but i get 15-45 fps … my cpu never really goes over 20% yet my GPU is sitting at all times 95-100% i only get 15-45 fps and this is on all lows, with textures high… PLEASE HELP!!! i feel like my cpu wont work as hard as my GPU or something…

my user.cfg file:
r_vsync= 0

r_ssdo = 0

r_antialiasingmode = 0

r_texturesStreamPoolSize = 8000

e_shadowsPoolSize = 8000

r_sharpening = 0

e_shadowsmaxtexres = 1024

r_supersampling = 0

sys_budget_videomem = 8080

sys_main_CPU = 4

sys_physics_CPU = 6

sys_streaming_CPU = 8

r_texturestreamingmipbias -3



I use vanilla settings mate, Ultra high. It sounds like something else is wrong. Can you delete the custom cfg and hit apply on GeForce optimised settings? I know I know… just try it out. You should get >60.

Also, enable V Sync in Nvidia control panel if you’re using G-Sync.

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Maybe take out those cpu instructions. They might not do what intended.

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thanks for the suggestions guys the graphics are better (was on all low with same fps before with user file customized) but nothing seems to work to increase FPS… Still 15-30 fps in Rattay But its looking remarkable lol



How is it performing with other games?



Can you show us a GPUz screenshot of your System?



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Looks good. But why does it reference D3D12, and what settings are you running?

Not going to bite on the AMD vs Intel debate; I don’t have energy for that. What I do is buy the fastest CPU for the task I need, based on the benches. My brother used to make a similar argument - that his games looked better on Xbox than PC. It’s called a wind-up :wink:



Also, why is your framerate pinned at 60fps? Normally there would be fluctuations, up or down.



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