Game Performance


That inventory looks nice. I wish they supported mods, I want that.

I have i7-8700 and it works pretty well paired with my GTX 1060.

However, KCD is unforgiving even towards GTX 1080Ti.

People should finally realize they can not have consistent 60FPS with settings dedicated for future generation hardware. It is even stated in game. Similar to case of Crysis 1 (2008). That game runs well on nowadays systems after 10 years since release, I even had huge FPS drop in one of the missions where multiple enemies shot my plane and big environment around me still loaded.


People will never understand why the game does not run good on ultra settings ,this game is just like Crysis for me ,it is amazeballs ,I love.

Crysis is CPU limited and always was ,hell you need 10000 Mhz for 60FPs even on todays machines.

Anyway anyone wanna try some Crysis mods I put together some a couple years ago.


What kind of mods? Maybe I would try something.


LOL I put a list in the comments on video if interested.I should mention Crysis can only handle so many mods at a time.I liked killing with the wolverine claws.

1.Top 5 Time Of Day files with Stand alone installers.

a.Top 5 Time Of Day files with installers.
b.Better Textures/Objects with installers.
c.Improved shader files with installers.

Included Mods full or part used.
Ammo Boxes SXL & Radioactive-Container
Asian AAA Black skin
Asian APC amphibious camo desert skin
Asian APC camo desert skin
Asian Heli grey rusty skin
Asian Smallboat camo snow skin
Asian Truck red used look skin
Bow & Arrow
C4 Skin
Chicken Textures-No HD Grass (bug with grass)
Civilian Car Rat skin
Crysis Expanded TOD Files
Crysis HD Textures Pack 2016
Crysis W.H. FY69
Crysis FGL40
Crysis FY71 B
Crysis Hurricane black custom
Crysis LAW
Crysis Scar Nano Carbon
Crysis Socom Black
Crysis TAC gun us desert
Xzero/Condros/CRYZENX Shaders
Custom Terrain POM Textures
Hawker Tattoo
High Resolution Grass
Laser Pack-RED
LTV red used look skin
Nettle flower
New forest
NK Chinese Camouflage
Pepper’s Full weapon sound pack
Pure Blood
Reli2 Installer
Rygel Textures
Silents Textures
Slicer91’s HD Texture Pack
Starwaster Water Shaders
Tire pom
Us soliders
US VTOL seams&bolts skin
Xtreme Particle Chaos