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I just finished reading Aleron Kong the Land. It is a LITRPG and now I would like to start playing RPGs again. I came across this game and started to research. I am guessing at this time I do NOT want to play the PC version. I am now looking at the Xbox version. Is the Xbox version worth playing or are there too many bugs? How does this game compare to Skyrim? Thank you for your opinion.


I don’t own console, so I am not answering that.

KCD and Skyrim are both open world RPGs with similar level up system, stealth features and both can be played in first person. That is all I could find.


yeah. What I am really asking is I have read that KCD is FULL of bugs and errors. It appears frustration is making people leave the game. I don’t want to invest time and money just to leave because you cant finish quests, people not showing up etc…


I finished game without doing all the sidequests. If you are intolerant to bugs, then you may be irritated. Not all bugs reported appeared to me. I also found some of my own.
I’ll mention few as example.
NPC that is tied to a sidequest isn’t in his room but teleports far away, you think he is invisible but when you find him after 50 hours elsewhere, you have failed the quest already. I hope this one is fixed because more people mentioned it.
You can get stuck in between the tent and the wall in specific location, forcing you to restart. I was looking into every corner for objective.
You are riding a horse, a cutscene or a dialogue loads and suddenly you are on foot. Your horse is still there but you must mount it up. Don’t have time cause you are being chased. Part with cutscene was fixed but dialogues still dismount you.
NPCs appear in T-pose are dead, or NPCs stuck in the ground (fixed), NPC doesn’t talk to you so you can’t quest with him (not sure why).
Flying with horse, getting stuck on horse in the corner. I forced these with jumps.
Then there are some visual problems, player sitting in the air, player’s head missing in cutscene, clipping of clothes, slow loaded bodies.
In many cases, loading the old save solves the problem and it just loads properly, unless for the visual issues.
Some people claim only few or no bugs. I played the game a lot and in various versions so I managed to break some stuff because I like to try.


I play the PC version. Trying to compare KCD to Skyrim is akin to comparing a night and day. Skyrim is set in a mythical setting of the medieval era, with magic, dragons and unique weapons. KCD is set in the medieval period with a “historical” backdrop and no magic or dragons. Both games are fun to play and are enjoyable (IMO). Skyrim is more polished since there is a developmental trail in previous games, KCD can still use some refinement. I recommend both games.


Bugs… or not fully scripted events? I have not experience any game braking “bugs” and only minor issues with having to reload from a save to resolve an issue. Hope this was helpful.


I actually own the Pc and xbox version. I prefer Pc. I dont see a lot of differences between the two. Very minor differences to say the least. Dont know about ps4.

And as others have mentioned sometimes all it takes it to reload a save and the bug is fixed. Not always though. Their is still some work to be done to completely polish this game but it is very playable and at least for me the bugs have been few and far between. Either way no matter what platform you choose I definatly recomend this game.

Many hours of enjoyment ahead for you. And the replayability is pretty good also. You can choose to be good or bad or a mixture of both but depending on how you chose to play the game that is how people are going to treat you in game.

They are a brand new studio and this is their first game. Lots more greatness to come Im sure just like in my oppinion the earlier Elder scrolls games werent as good as skyrim. Die hard fans of that game may disagree and say others are better.

If I were only allowed to pick one game over the other it would be KCD over Elderscrolls. And dont get me started with ESO. Wasnt even made by bethesda and in my oppinion is junk. Ive played a lot of that also and I just cant get down with it. Its not what I was expecting from a AAA franchise.


If you really like rpgs then Kingdom Come is for sure a good purchase. on PC if your pc is up to the task.

It is a good looking game. The map and world might be smaller than Skyrim but feels 100% more created with love and attention to details.

It has many interesting moving parts going on, there are several ways to approach many of the missions. Murder, diplomacy, Stealth and cunning each with different consequences.

You will get lost in the story, but even just roaming about doing side quests, bounty hunting, stealing, hunting or just raising hell is fun.

Much of the major issues have been resolved and there are some DLCs to keep the adventure going . while the comparisons to Skyrim are bound to happen it is for me in a league of its own at the moment.


Not happy you cal ESO junk. I recently watched a video if it’s worth to play now. The reviewer said yes. I played it a long time ago. I didn’t get into it cause mmos usually bore me to death. But I want to get back to it, especially knowing it’s no Bethesda.


I just don’t get where everyone is seeing or getting all these “game breaking” bugs PC. Have I ran into a problematic quest? Sure. Is the game unplayable? Absolutely not. This game is too great and has far too much to do to not play on hearsay of bugs. Experience the game for yourself and see.


Hey man if you like the game than play it. It aint gonna hurt me any. My perspective is that it is junk but that doesnt hurt you either. I just dont like it. I feel the same about WOW and Everquest. Im an Ultima Online junkie though and I know a lot of people who feel its a shit game. Thats fine.

We all have our oppinions and you cant please everyone. As with anything I tend to not sugercoat things for the benefit of others. Just not how I role.

And reviewers well simply put they cant be trusted. Ive known movies to get bad reviews and smashed it in the box office because the vast majority of people liked it. Reviewers are only the oppinions of the few and they are not always on cue when it comes to the general paying public.

But if you feel compelled to play ESO. Do. Its your life and if you get enjoyment from it thats all that matters. Not my oppinion on the matter. Cheers.


I didn’t like it much, that’s why I stopped. It was missing something. I played other MMO like WoW, LOTRO, BDO, I felt bored after few quests in and people talking nice about these games are putting story as the most interesting part of these games but I don’t enjoy any story, the one that is presented is shallow. Making me doubtful if its really the genre I should avoid at all costs because the NPCs are waiting for you all the time, there are different level enemy locations where you can grind your skills and repeat this. Not for me. And the quests are always “Go there”, “kill it”, “Loot”, “find lost item”. But its for another topic.

I do not consider reviews so much if I enjoy the gameplay, maybe I am gonna read about some features they mention, but other than that, mostly fanboys will review it, or some tend to review bomb when they hate developer, or even put negative on Early Access game but say the game is good, useful information for me is,

Is it fun? What does the person specify as fun for himself? “Got drunk with a priest & then we both took a wench home” - the game is not very serious and can lead to silly occasions such as this.
And what feature I might hate about it, that others like? Clucky combat, restricting save system, game-breaking bugs - I google the used words on Youtube and watch gameplay for myself. Combat doesn’t look as bad, save system like in GTA and bugs don’t break game but rather realistic immersion.

Then I know the game might be worth my time. I burnt myself on jumping to a good looking game or even popular classic with very positive reviews but game was mediocre or I simply got stuck not progressing because I am not hardcore player or it is console port or I simply do not feel nostalgic and there is only little left to keep me coming back.

That is why I am more likely to play a game updated, mod supported by developers and fixed, or the team that has made some other gem I enjoyed from them. There are just too many good game ideas and experience that I always enjoy discovering.


I was probably a little harsh when I called in junk. I did sink a decent amount of time into it so it wasnt that bad just not what I expected from an elder scrolls game. Maybe Im just butt hurt about it being outsourced lol. Probably part of it. I was also expecting something very similar to Skyrim. And though I suppose it was similar in some ways, for me it doesnt feel familiar enough I guess. Anyways. Getting tired so I end this here. Cheers.