Game started crashing after 350 hours of gametime

Hello! Kickstarter backer here, so i’m with the game from the beggining. After the official launch i finished the game after about 120 hours without a single crash. There were very minor bugs, but overall the game was amazing. Recently i bought all the DLC’s and i was about to do another playthrough on hardcore mode. Troubles appeared right away, game was crashing after about 5-10 minutes of play. I tried some tips, but it seemed that lowering resolution and turning off VSYNC did the trick. Rest of the optioans werre on “ultra” and the gameplay was just as after the launch, no bugs, no crashes. I’m 88 hours in my hardcore playthrough and i’m at the point where i defeated Runt in Pribislavitz, i didn’t start the “next chapter” (interrogation of the wounded bandit in Merhojed), but i (accidently) started the “From the Ashes” DLC. The first crash appeared after the cutscene with the cleared village of Pribislavitz (no houses built at all) and then out of blue, it started crashing every time after 5 - 10 minutes of gametime again. I’m completely useless with computers, but i managed to check temperature of my cpu and it ran mostly in 60C-75C with occasional spikes up to 85C-90C.
I’ll be very grateful for any help. Cheers all

Similar Problem. I also played the game since day one. No bugs, no texture pop ins, no crashes… perfect. Now (2 days ago) started my 5th playthrough. It´s weird because now I get texture pop ins, people without heads running around Rattay, texture bugs (very low clothing textures loading while I talk to the NPC), 2 guards standing at the same spot (inside eachother), in dialoges the NPCs don´t stand where the camera is pointing… All in all it´s a not so great experience. But because I did not change anything on my PC and the game is up to date I don´t think there is a way to fix is. Maybe clear all the game files from the PC and install the game new.

Attempt number four.

As I state above, I told EPIC to refund my money since as soon as I started their download of KCD I had the same problem and instructed Steam to wipe KCD out of my library due to the above noted issues and, then (two days ago) asked if I purchased it again would everything be wiped out and could I start all over as if I had never downloaded the game originally. This was their reply.


Buying a game again will never fix any underlying issues. You’ll get the exact same license as you had before.

It sounds like the error you are seeing is either game or game server related. We can’t make any promises about fixes for a game we didn’t create.

I can only recommend that you try to get in touch with their own support team again to resolve the underlying issue.

You can reach Kingdom Come: Deliverance support by using the information from the Official Support section here.

Best regards,

Considering the fact that I have already attempted to contact you twice before (July 23, 2020 and July 28, 2020), and, also sent you the above e-mail without receiving any form of correspondence from your organization, I am reluctant to try again but, I will.

I really love the game. It’s one of the best I have ever played. That is the reason why I am so persistent. Money has nothing to do with it.If the license is what is causing the problem, can you just remove it from your system and let me purchase it again with a new one?

Again, I implore you, PLEASE REPLY IN SOME MANNER TO MY E-MAILS! Any communication what-so-ever, regardless of what you say, would be appreciated.

Just to let you know … I am 71 years old, not a young kid playing games with you and, I am an avid gamester. I have the following in my computer,

Processor: INTEL i7-6700K 4.0Ghz

RAM: 32 GB

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ti

If there something I can do regarding what I have in my computer that will fix the problem, let me know. Although, I can’t figure out how any of the components would affect my inability to download when the game is attempting to continue.


James R. Hartmann

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