Game sticks every 10 seconds


Hi, first I love this game, looks incredible! But I have an issue where the game sticks for 1 second about every 10 seconds religiously, then plays normal for 10 seconds then sticks again, I’ve tried various settings with no luck (IE putting graphics on low etc). I average 35FPS with everything maxed out in 3440x1440 and I am running a 5820K and 980Ti. I wondered if the sticking was the game loading scenery or something but it does it when I just stand still as well so I don’t think that is it. Anyone else with this issue? Anyone know a fix?


Lower the resolution. The best performance I’ve had has been on 1280x720 (50-60 fps). Then if you want the game to be full screen set the full screen option to “Yes”. Trust me the game still looks great! :slight_smile:


Good idea, I just tried it out but unfortunately still does it :frowning:

I haven’t seen anyone else with this issue so this is kinda odd.


This stuttering is actually one of the more common performance issues reported (buried from when beta was first released).

What worked best for me was turning vegetation off completely. It’s not as pretty but in my experience stabilized things to a playble extent.


Oh ok, nice to know I’ll try that out. Yeah I found a guy on youtube with the same issue and he is running a Titan X pascal, so I don’t think it has anything to do with hardware limitations.


I remember someone mentioning that it was shadows that were creating the freezes. Basically just lower the settings until you can get it to run.


No its truly just a Beta that needs optimized.

@Aradiel Yeah! that also helps allot id forgotten about that.


Thanks for the tips. Yeah it kinds sucks because the main reason I got the game was because the visuals :frowning:
Oh well, I’m sure it wont be too awful long until the full game is done, I heard they are working with a production company now that partnered with them.


I know that most of those fixes mentioned above will probably work but one more solution in to edit the “render distance” of the objects to a lower amount. (I’m talking about the three sliders) but I’ve also heard that this can mess up the game more if it isn’t done right. Hopefully you’ll be able to play!


Yeah i slid them all to 0 with no change. Oh well, it’s no big deal I knew it was beta when I bought it, I’ll tinker around with the game but wait until full release to really dig in.


Having the same problem, I recorded a quick video with my phone. You can see the spikes around the 10 second mark and 20 seconds onward.