Game stucks in an endless loading screen after siege quest

I am playing in ps4 console, i recently bought all the dlcs, i dont know if that matters.
I decide to finish the story after 130 hours of gameplay and after all the cinematics at the end of siege quest the game stucks
at the loading screen. any idea what to do??

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Hi! I have same problem. If you find any ways to fix it, please writw here. Thanks.

Hello, have you tried to turn it off and then on ? And is there any error message that appears when the game stucks ?

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I tried that. I also tried to uninstall and reinstall twice it won’t load at the start of: cold steel, hot blood
Xbox1 version 1.9.2

Warhorse have known about this for years. I’ve not been able to carry on since early 2018 and they’ve still yet to do anything about it. Doubt they will, they already have your money.

So they stole my money and are worthy of some of the barbaric punishment’s of the era such as having there tongue torn out

That, or they could fix their game like any competent developer SHOULD do. Again, I have little faith, tried contacting warhorse over the years multiple times, radio silence. It’s honestly embarrassing. Sorry you had to go through this too :confused: