Game won't start on PC


Just purchased on steam and downlaoded the game and it just won’t start.

I get a splash screen centered on my desktop, then it shrinks and shifts to the left and up slightly, then it closes and nothing happens.

I’ve tried reinstalling, rebooting and running as administrator and in compatibility mode for windows 8 and I just dunno what to do. I don’t want to refund as I was really looking forward to this game, I just want to play :frowning:

Windows 10 Pro x64
Intel i9-9900
RTX 2080ti
16gb DDR4 corsair vengeance ram
500gb samsung evo ssd
asus tuf pro gaming mobo
3840 x 2160 resolution (tried with 1080 too, same result without the shrinking)

Please help, Really wanna play this game :frowning:

Game wont start on Steam

Jesus that’s one hell of a PC, should run fine from what I can see.


I know :laughing: I can’t find a single thing that’d cause it to die like this :frowning:


That shouldn’t be happening due to hardware, so it’s got something to do with windows 8, something on ur pc or warhorse messing up again


Window 8? I’m running W10 :frowning:


Srry, half asleep


no worries, I’m going to try one more thing, disabling all my startup apps and trying again


Seems reasonable, after that potentially contact WH directly or just refund it and try on a different platform


Can you upload the kcd.log form the game folder please?


kcd.log (8.4 KB)

I got it working when I disabled all startup apps and did a hard reboot. But when i re-enabled them it no longer works.

I’m gonna try investigate which one it might be, but if I list them here, maybe someone else knows already?

Logitech Gaming Framework


Please check mouse keyboard driver


I’ve installed the latest drivers for my mouse and keyboard. Swarm for the roccat aimo keyboard and the XTD driver for the roccat kone xtd mouse.

Tried disabling the startup programs for them both and didn’t make a difference :frowning:


I had similar issue with Total War: Arena. It didn’t start at all. I had to disable startup apps and worked. Enable only essential apps and add one by one till you find faulty. But I still don’t understand the full problem why it happened.


You have to uninstall them. It’s a problem of the vendor in combination with win 10 build 1809. Kcd is not the only affected game.


Yeah you were right, the newer Roccat Swarm program is fine with my aimo keyboard, but the old driver for my roccat kone xtd mouse seems to have been the problem, uninstalled that and it ran. Thanks for the help, I’ll come back here if it stops working again :laughing:


Hi everyone and a Happy New Year.

I wanted to get into Kingdom come Deliverance with New Years Eve, sadly i cant start the Game on Steam - The Splashart pops up and after that it just closes without any error messages.

I have the latest NVIDIA Drivers 417.35

What i have tried until now:

  • Reinstalling the game (twice)
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling my GPU Drivers
  • Updating my BIOS
  • Intergrity check of Game Files on Steam
  • Installing on a different Drives
  • Starting the Game from the .exe (As admin and with comp mode)

Im a little out of Options i believe and hope someone can help me.

My Specs:
ii 9900k @ 5.0ghz
RTX 2080TI
16 GB of 3666 mhz G skill ram
Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero
m.2 pro SSD Samsung 1 TB

Here is my kcd Log:
kcd.log (8.4 KB)

Let me know if any further information is needed


Here you go:


Ok first of, thank you very much this helped.

I have a roccat kone xtd - i uninstalled the drivers now it works.

Is there some kind of fix to this? I would like to keep my Drivers honestly, cause i have a bucnh of DPI Settings etc. im using frequently


This is a Problem of Roccat in combination with Win 10 Build 1809. You should wirte to Roccat Support. If enough People wirte to the support they will update the Driver.


I have sent an e-mail to Roccat saying this, I will keep everyone posted when I get a reply back from them:

I (along with many many people) have an issue where the Roccat drivers are stopping Kingdom Come Deliverance from working. This is an issue with the compatibility of your drivers and Windows 10 Build 1809. The only solution that us players have is to uninstall ALL of the Roccat drivers. This issue affects everyone who has any Roccat mouse or keyboard. The next solution for us players who want an operable keyboard or mouse would be to buy something from another manufacturer. Below are links to Kingdom Come Deliverances forum showing some of the people who have this issue.

(Links to forum pages here)