Game won't start on Xbox 1 X December 2018!


Game won’t even start on Xbox 1 X a whole year later!!

I bought this game yesterday naively believing all the stuff I read at launch would have been addressed.

The game won’t even start on Xbox 1 X and it’s nearly a year later!!

Why is this game still available to buy if it does not work? Shall I get a refund or will it be playable any time soon? Has any one found a fix?


What did you buy? hard copy or download?
There have been very many updates, and if you bought the disc, you’ll probably have to download about 30 hours worth of updates…


Hi, thanks for the response
It’s a physical copy and took a huge 25 gig update when it installed.

I have read that it’s the patches that have ruined it for Xbox 1 X but those posts were back in February?

Really frustrating.


I wish I could be more helpful, but I’m on PS4 and have been very fortunate to not have many problems - I bought the physical copy on release and updated accordingly.
It’s a fantastic game - hang in there, it will be worth it.
I’m sure there have got to be some Xbox folks here that will help.


Considered getting X or Pro to get better KCD and RDR2 experience as well as games over 1-2 yrs. heard too many complaints.


I am playing on an Xbox 1 X and 4K tv set up.

Game just does not start. RDR2 working fine as are all other games.


Reinstall game+patch. If the problem persist then your disk is defective.