Game working for 39 hours, now the launcher can't start the game

I have been playing this game with 0 issues for a few weeks now. 39 hours total. I try to start the game and I get the launch icon, but the game will not initialize. I run this with DLC Only no mods. I have tried all that came up frequently in google searches, and a few others. Nothing has worked.

Window’s 10
I7- 6700k
32gb DDR4 3200mhz
MSI RTX 2070 Super
WD SSN 720 1tb m.2 SSD
Razer Headset and Mouse, (both worked with this game 3-4 days ago.)
Bitdefender Antivirus/firewall

Launcher log
kcd_launcher.log (408 Bytes)
kcd.log (1.9 KB)

I tried uninstalling, and reinstalling still no good.

Fixed it. BitDefender struck again. It was the archive scanning module.