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Just like the name says, to avoid a million topics and to make it easier for everyone I would like to use this topic to gather all kinds of tips/strategies even tricks to make it “easier” to do/get certain things in the game. So if you know something, for example a way to earn some quick/easy money, you can post it here. For those saying “but then they will patch it”, they will do so anyway and they will check online/Youtube as well.

Lastly I will try to read this topic very regularly and post ALL Tips/Strategies in this opening post, while also mentioning the people who gave the information.

Youtube Video’s

All Herbs & Their Herbarium Pages:
All Recipes For Alchemy:
Easier Pickpocketing:
Lockpicking Guide:
Scavenger Quest: Finding the burried treasure:
Where To Find Certain Herbs In The Wild (Belladonna, Herb Paris…):

Leveling Up

Herbalism: It may seem obvious but leveling Herbalism is one of the easiest things in the game, just pick up flowers. They weigh almost nothing, so start picking them up! You can also increase your leveling skill by paying for lessons at a herbalist, there are different ranks available.

Maintenance: Buy repair kits and use these instead of paying for repairs. You can also increase your leveling skill by paying for lessons at a Blacksmith or Swordsmith for example, there are different ranks available. You will even get good extra skills!

Pickpocketing: You can level up pickpocketing easier by picking targets who are asleep. A good place for this is an inn or lodging. Try doing this between midnight and 9 o’clock in the morning. If you want to avoid failing to much, sleep before trying and reload if necessary.

Reading: Learn to read by going to Uzhitz and doing the quest “Mightier than the sword” by visiting the scribe. You can also increase your level for reading by reading books at certain places like at a table or on your bed. An icon will be displayed next to your healthbar when you are in a good reading spot.

Speech: You can level up speech by successfully doing conversation options and by haggling with traders.

Vitality: You can level up Vitality by simple running everywhere and jumping over everything like fences. Lastly you can just keep jumping on the same spot where you stand.


Herbs/Flowers: Pick up flowers, they weigh nothing, you get multiple each time, you get fair sums of gold for selling them and later you will get extra’s with certain perks (+ charisma or + strength). With the “Botanist” perk at level 10, you can even sell herbs at a 15% higher price!

Selling Stolen Items: You can sell stolen items at certain “fences” or go to a village/city far away from where you got the stolen item. You will notice a “red mark” next to the item to let’s you know it’s stolen. Even hunting animals is considered “stolen” when picked up afterwards. By pressing Triangle you can see more information about the item, as well as where it was stolen.


Finding items in the countryside: If on your travels you find a birdsnest, you can drop it by shooting it with arrows, this will give you certain trinkets. You can also dig up grave sites with a spade for items.

Healing: Healing can not be done in combat, afterwards you get health back by eating and drinking, but this will go slowly. You can stop bleeding by applying bandages or by using a “Marigold concoction” that will heal you over time.

Lockpicks: For getting sweet loot, you will need to break chests and therefore successfully lockpick it. To aquire lockpicks, you can buy them from certain traders like “millers”, you get them as rewards for certain quests or you will receive them at the beginning from Henry’s friends.

Over-encumbered/Overloading: While you weigh to much you can’t use fast travel, lose stamina more quickly and can’t run. Either drop weight or use a little trick, draw your bow and equip an arrow, pull back the bow (R2) and keep it like this. You will walk a little faster like this, but beware of stamina! Press X before your stamina has been depleted. Also, I have not tested this in a town or city yet, but people will probably not be happy with you walking around aiming at things! Check your total weight carried at the moment at your character’s Statspage.

Repairing Weapons, Armor or Clothing: All these items can be repaired by certain craftsmen, a Swordsmith will repair weapons, a blacksmith will repair armor and a tailor will repair clothing. Be warned, not every town will have all craftsmen you need!

Saving: You can’t save whenever you want, you need a drink for that “Saviour Schnapps”. But if you really need to save and don’t have any drinks, go to a tavern or find an empty bed and sleep in it. However it only works if you sleep the amount of time you chose beforehand. So choosing 5 hours for example and getting up after 3 will NOT save the game.

Storage: You can savely store your items in the chest of Peshek the Miller’s house at Rattay (quest storyline) or at Inns.

Tips/Strategy provided by: Blacksmith, Lieste, MrSoKoLoV, Tsunamik.


Once in rattay, do some noncombat quests first.
Then get a semi-decent weapon and bow.
Get quests from Sir Bernard for Clearing camps of bandits.
Clear the camps. Loot the corpses
Get loads of equip, cash, stats, fun.

Haggle anytime you can! It really, really, really helps a lot.
Buy maps from traders and try to search for hidden treasures - you can find almost the best equipment in the whole game here, paired with lot of goodies.
Buy repair kits and train craftsmanship - not only repairs are quite expensive, by repairing your gear it even gains very, very good statboosts with correct perks!
Dont buy expensive boots, they get damaged by walking lul
There is shared chest in every bought inn room (and near Theresa in Pesheks house), use it to store valuables you don´t need.
Get a horse asap - it helps with moving, and especially with weigth - horse can carry whole two sets of armour and weapon for you, together with food and such.
After you get to ratai, immediately go for Uzice and learn to read. Read a lot and often, it improves your skills dramatically.
Dont drink and drive. Just dont…


When it comes to the treasures I have a question, where do you FIND lockpicks? I have seen hundreds of chests but never found any lockpicks, or is it only for sale? Besides that, thanks for all the info!


Millers! They have lockpicks and you can sell your stollen good.


Flowers have weight (and in fact the weight picked is tracked in the stats page), but you can pick a really large number because they are quite light… but if you are near the weight limit, you will want to avoid picking more.


Because it is poaching.

Is Henry’s name changes in different languages or is Heinrich a NPC?

Do you mean notching and then drawing? I didn’t bothered to find where is my controllers and I don’t know which K&M keys are corresponding to “R2” and “X”


Heinrich is Henry is German version.


Yes, my mystake sorry. Found some of the info online and didn’t think to much about this name (Germans in the game anyway). Also I skipped the friends quest eary in the game (poop throwing) and figured one of them could be called Heinrich. Have changed it, if you see more mistakes let me know, thanks! And don’t forget to submit more tips and the likes if you have any.

Lastly I added some links to Youtube video’s to make it easier for some people here, but I will try to write it as well for those who can’t always access video’s.


Unfortunately I don’t know the controls for the trick of moving faster while drawing your bow on Xbox One or PC. If someone does let me know, I will add it to the information.

I know shooting animals is poaching and therefore not allowed but I did not put it in the information since it doesn’t really add anything to it.


For the bad guys :slight_smile:
If you cook stolen (hunted) meat, it´s no more marked as stolen. Go for cows.

Same for horses, and if you need a good/expensive saddle(the green one) go to the inn (glade) and wait till night/morning, shoot the horse, get the saddle, cook the horsemeat and sell it to the innkeeper.

Steal from the miller and sell him his own stolen things…

Treasury maps:
buy it, steal it,… they are really a good investment, because you get the best armor pieces and other valuable stuff.
After reading/digging you can sell them…


I know the keys releated to bow, “2” let you use bow, holding left mouse button notch and draw an arrow and releasing left mouse button loose the arrow. I asked if you ment notching and drawing an arrow when you said pull back the bow.


Added a video showing you where to find the treasure spot from Kunesh for the quest “Scavenger”. Will try to add other’s for the other burried treasures in the world.

Also added a video showing all herbs, their herbarium pages and information on where to find them in the wilds.


A video for all recipes has been added. And another for where to find herbs like Belladonna and Herb Paris and more in the wilds.


Another tip for hunters, have a horse and buy a saddle with bags, store excess meat in the bags when trying to quick travel, try to find hunting spots near a camp, thus you can cook the meat quickly, not only making it not stolen but also last longer. If you find you self to overburdened to quick travel even with your saddle, head to an inn and buy a room, this gives you access to your stash, dump your meat in your stash then quick travel to where you want to sell it and again buy a room at an inn to retrieve. seems to net a few thousand per run


Hmm lockpicks is easy i broke maybe 5-10 lockpicks I open them without problems and have 10 sometime u can find in chest


Is there a general tip on when the main quest is no longer time-dependent? For example, I just finished Ginger in a Pickle. Is it time sensitive for me to go to Uzhitz and find the bandits? Or can I now take my time and explore the map more fully?


Take your time, that’s the same part I’m at and I’ve been doing side quests and exploring.