Getting grabble all the time in training at early game

Now. First of all before some of you die hard fanbois try to choke me. I love this game and how hard it is. I got nothing wrong with you getting beating in training and in real combat if you have not yet trained. the thing is about grabble/pushaway You will get it if you meet someone who is better than you that is understandable. Now what i find, bit frustain or how you spell it. That bernard keep pushing/grabbling you in every turn you get ‘‘to close’’ to him. Now i know that he is better than you but i just feel you lose so most time because you keep getting grabble because as you are new to the combat and can’t ‘‘push back’’ your self yet…

Im the only one feel that or?

Very sorry for the bad english

when you get better YOU can grab push/ kick him back. Just keep practicing with him and get your skill up and get the combat and strength perks.

I know that very well ^^

But that is realistic. If you are weak and enemy is strong, the last thing you want is to wrestle with him. You have to keep your distance and attack from there. Henry usually automatically maintains the right distance, but you must not always rush forwards.

As i stated in the topic i know that. But you would be kept grabble by Bernard as he keep moving closer to you. If you try to fent him off he would grab you. Ones more i know is because Hentry have no combat experience. I got nothing being grabble, I just find it time-consuming in the training for the first time. As if you get grabble like 20 time within x time. that x time could have been used to ‘‘trained’’

Like that Bernard is constantly going forward into clinch by himself? I have never encountered it. Sometimes he grapples, but not too often.

That is exactly what his doing.

This is entirely due to the fact that Barnard is ALWAYS aggressively in approach. This is part of the lesson that he is trying to teach Henry: repell the enemy.
As far as winning a clinch, that is dependent on your perks and strength. High warfare, clinch master and high strength will see you beat 9/10 grapples.

In my case, I do the grabble… And smash Bernard! Literally!

I don’t find this difficult, just common sense, if I’m weak, low strength, no perks, just try to keep my distance and fight with long sword.

When enough strength, I just smash him with a maze! XD

Sry, But I hafta do this: Gabble? isn’t supposed to be in English: GraPPle? to clinch or grab.

You are very corrcet it is with p. I think in my haste i just shoved b in

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