God mode bug?

OK, so before someone assumes I’m trying to make god mode work, hear me out, because I’m not. I want exactly the opposite.

At around the time of “Finding Timmy” quest, and just before I started Nest of Vipers, I started to experience weird behavior while in combat. My fighting skills are subpar, I’ve never quite gotten the hang of the combat even though I’m still trying to figure it out. It is for this reason that I prefer stealth, I’m good at that. But anyway, the weird behavior is that it seems nothing can defeat me, no matter how crappy my tactics. I can even take on groups and I simply can’t die. My health hovers at around 70 to 80 % and never goes below that no matter how many blows I take, although it doesn’t seem to matter if it is full. I can see my stamina going up down, up down, it will deplete and replenish as I am struck. But on the far right end of the health bar, I can see my health acting as if it is trying to drop, but repeatedly bounces back to its’ previous position. As a test I struck a guard in Rattay town square (with a sword, not fists), then allowed all the guards to attack me, without fighting back on my part. I sat there and watched for 10 straight mins as my Henry simply refused to die. At best there were maybe a dozen guards attacking at once. I do not see how he could still be alive.

About a week ago I did install the Cheat mod from the Nexus, and I did mess around with it for a few hours. Just wanted to have a little fun and get a few laughs. I don’t normally cheat in any single player game unless I’m just messing around and not saving, or I have beaten the game numerous times. GTAV is a good example of a game where I run cheats/hacks/mods offline all the time. But anyway, I backed up my saves before installing it, didn’t save while using it either. After I had my fun, I decided it wasnt worth keeping because it defeats the point of the game, so I promptly deleted the mod and restored my saves. I know that mods can put info into saves and I was aware of this.

Mods I have installed (none of which allow cheating):

Remove fog of war from map (so all areas are immediately visible

Bushes collision remover, to negate the bushes in the game that act as if they are Trump’s 100ft solid gold wall

Unlimited Saving

ENB/reshade mod by X79Warrior

Custom user.cfg, but it only contains graphics settings.

Game is running in devmode with a modified shortcut, and an altered whgame.dll

Game is GOG 1.8.2 with all DLC

I did test without these mods as well and the behavior persists. However I did keep loading older saves until I found the last one (right before the Timmy quest) that didn’t have this behavior. The end result is that I have lost about 8 hours of progress. I’m not happy about that, but it’s not as huge of a setback as having to start over. I just think this is a really weird bug, if that’s what it is. I wish I had captured a vid before deleting those saves, then it would be clear what I’m saying.

And before I forget, I’m not using any console commands, except to mess around with fog, lighting effects, weather effects, remove HUD for screenshots.

Were you able to fix this? I am currently encountering the same glitch, and cant get rid of the god mode.

@susse: No I wasnt able to get rid of the bug, except by going back to much older saves. I strongly suspect that it was related to the Cheat mod, which I promptly removed, and didn’t save while using. Or it could just be a coincidence that made it seem like Cheat was involved, but wasn’t.

I’m now running the latest GOG version with Woman’s Lot DLC. I still have all the other mods I listed and a few new ones, but not Cheat. The god mode behavior has not since returned in the 40ish hours since.

I’m glad to know that at least one other player can corroborate my experience.