GOG Connect?


I just remembered this while responding a thread just now, but there is a program called GOG connect that adds participating games to your GOG library if you already own them on steam.

I think this would be a pretty good solution to the GOG controversy, I thought about giving backers keys for both, but realized we could give them to other people and WarHorse could lose sales. This issue is avoided with GOG connect. I personally don’t think it’s unfair, since we already own the game it’s not as if more than a couple of people are going to buy it on GOG as well, and it makes everyone happy.


Not many games. I could connect few. As I understand, KCD is not even allowed on family share of Steam. So… I don’t know what to expect.


Surely it has to be up to the devs/publisher if they can join connect or not, I don’t see why steam would stop them.


Yeah, I think that would be a great decision on their part. The number of people who are willing to buy the game on to different distribution services for the same platform will be low anyway, so they won’t really lose anything by doing it.


I had not heard of GOG Connect. Apparently you get participating games permanently on GOG.
I would find that acceptable if it should indeed be impossible to provide GOG keys.


I too think this is the best option.
I have bought the game “too early” - long before the GOG option was announced.
Now I feel punished for being eager to give the devs my money for a great game.
It would be a good thing if people who already bought the game, paid the full price before release, could have their license on GOG as well.
All it takes, I understand, is to negotiate that with GOG.


Voicing my support for GOG Connect support as well - I prefer games on GOG where possible so if this was added in the future I would be very happy :slight_smile:

I also backed this game pretty much as soon as I heard about the Kickstarter.


As another early backer who prefers GoG over Steam as my games library, I hope the devs will add the game to GoG Connect soon after release on GoG (which is in two weeks).


+1 preferr GOG over steam for many reasons, hope this to become true.


Is GOG connect a thing now? If yes I will redeem my STEAM version so I can connect. Otherwise I wait for the possibility to swap the key for a GOG.com one…


GOG allows few games for sharing for limited time.


Besides all already said, GOG has one nice feature I didn’t thought of before - you can keep playing the same version and apply patches only if you want. That would be really handy right now :slight_smile:


Still waiting for GOG Connect. Emails to Warhorse have gone unanswered. This is very poor service to KC:D’s Kickstarter backers, who are currently limited to Steam DRM, which I refuse to use - so my KS pledge was essentially a waste of money. Extremely disappointed.


Now that the DLC is available and that GOG is offering a special promo, maybe it’s a good time to set it up for GOG Connect so that your backers who prefer the DRM-free platform can finally get the game they paid for on the platform they prefer?


Another early KS backer. I’d like to buy the artwork book and the From the ashes DLC on GOG promo, but I don’t feel I should by KCD again. And I strongly prefer to support GOG, not Steam, with my purchases.

Please add the option to get the game via GOG Connect, not just for your early supporters, but also any of your fans, who just prefer GOG over Steam, but are stuck with the steam keys. Thanks!


Could you please work out a GOG Connect deal with GOG so I could migrate the game from Steam. I bought the game well before release and Steam key was the only option to claim the game on release. But I would much rather play the game on GOG as I nowadays mostly use GOG to get new games anyways. I have been steadily migrating away from Steam the last couple of years because I really hate their “no curation at all” style. And KCD is my favourite game from last year and would love to be able to play it through GOG Galaxy.