Gold Chain

Has anyone encountered the “Gold Chain” anywhere in the game? I’ve seen it on other sites that list the equipment in this game but I’ve never actually encountered it.

Yes, it is virtually identical to the ‘necklace’ though so there is little purpose to it other than novelty. There is also a gold necklace which is cheaper, and a Gold ring. I use a Silver necklace and a Signet ring, along with ‘Gold’ spurs.

I found it on a dead merchant (or maybe bandit) in an npc battle. I forget where it was, but (carefully so as not to antagonise guards who may be present) look at the corpses you find in these events. It was badly damaged and needed repair for me, but you might find it in a better and repairable condition if it is on a person who started the fight and spawned in ‘alive’ rather than as a corpse.

Thanks for the reply, can you remember the location of the NPC battle with the dead merchant?

If I remember this correct, it is one of possible spawns in your first visit to razed Skalitz - there would be 3 dead merchants and cumans/high level bandits in full-plate. On the other hand, in latest patch I usually see there mentioned bandits fighting either cumans or soldiers from Talmberg.

U can find the signet ring at the bandit camp near sassau he is dressed like a nobleman

They are random spawns, so where I think I recall finding it may not match your experience.

I think it was on the path between the two charcoal camps on the Talmberk-Neuhof stream. The other one which fits the approximate time when I found them would be the one between Kohelnitz and Ledetchko.

I am about 95% certain it was at the talmberk stream though.

I have quite a few in my trunk - my common spawn fights are on the road between the monastery and Rovina (spawn fight just across the bridge and sometimes heading down the hill to the bridge)

Finally got it! Travelling the route between the Sasau monastery and Rovna. Found it on a dead trader that had been ambushed by Cumans.

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