Good ENB available?


Seems like there are some different ENBs existing for this game.
Anyone tried them out and could give a recommendation? Are there any good?

I found the Reforged ENB, the Ultimate Immersion ENB and also the Apex ENB.

Any clues? :thinking:


I prefer reshade. The GUI is very user friendly and easy to understand.
kk, in the past and for some specified games i am prefering ENB and SweetFX more than reshade.
Reshade gives often a fps drop with some effects


Game dont need reshade/enb just to make e_svoTI_Integrationmode 2 to work properly.

reshade always affect everything what u see on ur screen and that annoying.



plastic vs metal


Looks good, but eyes look very strange on ur game.


Yes that console command what enables full global illumination is very experimental according to cryengine and its not ready that why it was left out of game. That command have alot issues but when it works game looks awesome


The Fake HDR effect on KCD and ACSR looks impressive and gives a better atmosphere than the original integrated effects. Global Illumination is another thing. Reshade/ENB/SweetFX gives more.


Yea no good enb availabe atleast for my eyes its always personal preference



Well I tried some, and for me the Reforged ENB is way the best. Definitely the game looks much better with this mod than vanilla.