Google Stadia

What do you think about Google Stadia? I hope I will be able to play KCD on it!

It sounds cool. I hope its gonna work at least half as good as they showed.

It’s interesting and fun to see if they can pull it off. I read some comments that early version was garbage even with 250Mbps connection but maybe they can perfect it.
It works on Linux/Vulkan. I think Cryengine 5.4 has Vulkan support but the 3.something version kcd uses does not. I might be wrong here. Anyway I doubt kcd will come to Stadia if that’s the case.

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Did they make a single mention of multi player games?

Yes they did. Basically they said that all the data is moving through their system so the player with the slowest connection is not a problem in multiplayer with Stadia.
Edit: This is a better link. The good old digitalfoundry

Graphics are rumored to run on an amd vega 56 or a cluster of them (I don’t know) giving 10.72 tflops and 56 compute units. Basically the same as rtx 2080 does in tflops but those compute units could be a gamechanger especially when Crytek showed their raytracing implementation running on amd vega 56.

Stadia could make uploading gaming videos to youtube easier. At least without commentary audio.

"Harrison expressed confidence that the levels of lag involved in a standard Stadia experience were compatible with even the twitchiest, most reflex-heavy kinds of games. He also let slip that “we have a couple of leading fighting games in development on our platform.”
If they can get the control latency reasonable the promise for large game area large player count games like Dayz is very promising. the anti cheat ability would be beyond anything we have.
For single player games like KCD it would be cool, but its the abiilty to better the large scale combat games that interest me.

If this game becomes available on stadia I will definitely buy it again to play it.
I now own the playstation version but would love to see it on that platform.