Got any tips on taking down fully armored enemies?

Ive been running into more and more fully armored enemies , my sword and bow dont do any damage so I am forced to flee. Got any tips? How exactly do you fight these tin cans?

The best tip I can offer is use a mace, as you may not be able to stab through steel but you can certainly crush it!

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I figured I would be able to do some damage with the sword by clinching or hitting gaps at least. Sounds like I will need to start carrying a mace though, thanks.

Face stabs (push up and stab) do alot of damage, especially against open face helmets.


Most of these guys are wearing full face armor.

I trained up axes. They may not be Knight worthy but they work and combine cutting and blunt force to give you a decent all purpose weapon. I’ve been able to take on multiple armoured enemies with an axe and good strength skill.

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run away but stay in view range. when they turn around, sneak up from behind and kill them with your dagger. Put off your plate and chain armor or they will here you coming

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Actually I never used a mace or axe in my first playthrough. Longsword was enough for me. Indeed, many hits did no damage, but somehow it worked…I’m not sure how, though. I think I just kept doing combos and counter-parrys. I’m sure, though, that the last longsword combo WILL do damage

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Mine wont. I tried every combo.

A longsword can be used to take down armoured enemies. As said before, face stabs are the best if the enemy is wearing an open-faced helmet. That will one-shot many enemies if you have high stab damage. If they have a faceguard, stabs are still your best bet, as they seem to be better at piercing armour than slashes. Master Strikes are useful. But even normal slashes will do damage. Just out of curiosity, what sword are you using? And what are your stats?


I am level 18 with the soul slicer longsword. I have all the combos for my sword and 19 strength.

Soul Slicer has fairly low stab damage - that might be part of the problem. I was using Piercer when I started fighting armoured enemies, and I was able to kill them, although it took a little while. By the time I got Longinus’ Sword I was able to kill them almost as fast as a mace could. Maybe you should try again with a different sword? Also, remember that enemies armour gets damaged as you fight them, so even if the first few strikes do little to no damage, you should be able to kill them if you keep at it. Just don’t try to take on a bunch of armoured opponents at once. Armoured enemies tend to be much better at combat, so not only do they take many more strikes to kill, they also block and riposte better, and perform more combos. Even with max stats and the best gear in the game it is extremely hard to fight more then two at a time.

As for arrows, piercing arrows are good against armour, although even if you use better piercing arrows and a yew longbow it will probably take at least two or three hits against armoured enemies, unless you get a headshot. If you poison your arrows, you can just shoot them once and run away; Bane potion will kill them in about a minute, and even regular poison will at least severely damage them (it might even kill them if you do enough damage with your arrow). Dollmaker potion will slow them down and let you kite them; even crappy arrows will kill them eventually.

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If your damage is lover than their armour, you only deal “stamina damage”. Once the enemy has no stamina the damage goes to health.
If your damage is higher than their armour value, you should be doing health damage as well as some stamina damage.

As your base slash attack should be around 65 (Soulslicer, level 18), witch is more than any combination of armour, this should take some Hp from them.

Though it could be very subtle. having 65 damage against 40 armour does’t mean you inflict 15 damage.
It is more about what is the ratio of the damage to armour.
0,5 :1 and the attack only take targets stamina
1,1 :1 and the attack take targets stamina and some helth
4:1 and the attack take targets stamina and health

In all cases, if the enemy has no stamina, the attack take health instead.

So with you equip and stats you may deal about 2 Hp (and some stamina damage) and maybe just not noticing (since it is barely visible on the bar)?
If you wait till the enemy has no stamina (there is no clue how much he has, best is to let him attack and master strike him and only attack when he has hit reaction), you would inflict a lot more, about 10 Hp or so.

Or, a better long-distance/ better piercing arrow in combination with a Yew (Ash, Elm… could be any really) longbow should give you damage over 100 piercing.
Armour has usually bit lower protection to piercing than to slashing so it should be 3 times damage than the armour and you should only need two hits (torso) to kill.

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If you don’t want to switch to mace/axe, then a high stab sword is your best bet, either piercer (longsword) or stinger (short sword). What I do is do the blunt strike combo, it’s easiest to pull of. Then follow it up with a face stab, you can then turn that into another blunt strike if you wish. Make use of poisons aswell, bane or dollmaker, bane for 3+ enemies and dollmaker more for 1v1. To top it off get the headcracker perk, since you will be hitting the head alot. Thats pretty much all I got.

Pick a body part and work on atticking that, do combos where the move hits that part.
The multiple blows drain stamina so you do maxim damage to that part and it armour.
Try to doge and counter attack, there’s bonus damage for being behind or off side.

I run them down with my horse at full run - takes a few charges through the group (and occasionally they may dismount you) - but if you can thin the ranks, then take on a lone straggler with your weapon of choice, then you’re in good shape. That said, I use the warhorse I purchased from merhojed. I’m now level 20 across the board, and I still do this. It’s simpler (for me).

I used the Cuman bow (the 74 one, not the 54 one) until I got the sinew bow. I always use better piercing arrows and aim for the head if they get close.

You need a strong weapon, mace is best but of limited range and requires a shield, axe is fair but has similar limitations top tier swords are good too (mostly stabbing swords).

Try attacking the head by following with a bash/stab to the face following a parry. The head is relatively exposed and there’s always a chance to knock them out.

You can always use poison, because it only requires you to deal a little wound to obtain a kill.

Following the last patch the mobs are very aggressive and will keep surrounding you to hit you in your blindside. You will require good armor and good skills.

The top armored mobs are supposed to be engaged late in the game. Don’t bother unless you have some decent equipment (full suit of armor along with a helmet with a visor, a strong and durable weapon) and decent skills (strength, agility, warfare, defence, relevant wepon skill all above 14-15).

Unless your skills are high enough the enemies will not give you a chance to counterattack. Unless you have similiarly decent equipment the enemies will whittle down your health faster than you manage to dispatch them.