Graphics and FPS


Hi all

I’ve noticed that my graphics sometimes reset to high values instead of the intended very high.
Why does the game do that?

Also, I’ve noticed that FPS won’t go over 45 at Rattay city centre, even on lowest graphic setting.

I have i5 7400 gtx 1050, so I should be able to play this game at max potential, no?


Are you on PC?
Do you have the HD Graphics addon? It will take over setting if in use.
Parts of rattay and other big towns are not well drawn and optimized graphicly and cause your system to take a big hit because of the way some of the building were made.
You are lucky to get 45. With my lesser system I get 5-8 fps in those parts and can only run on mostly medium settings.
How well your system runs the game depends on the ability of your system, How well your systems handles streaming building 0f the game as you play and the number of path/channels it has to use to handle the data stream.
KCD is not like most of the game you’ve played. It relies more heavily on the cpu doing the game building on the fly than the GPU so places a heavy workload on it.
I am not saying your system isn’t good ( better than mine) it is just that it may have to work harder to get the results you want and not be able to get it because of the way the game is made.


Yes i’m on pc and I have the HD textures pack. I turned it on and customized graphics to my liking.
So the HD addon will keep changing it back to most compatible?

When I turn on very high graphic FPS drops to 25 in Rattay.
That’s not cool.


yes the HD pack will take over the settings and set to a pre set range. If you manually override them and for some reason cause the game to reload or make a scene change the HD will again take over.

As I said the CPU is under a heavy workload and the more you demand of the settings the more your system will hafta work and may not be up the task at the levels you want.
It is just the way the game runs. I read posts where people say they have a super good system and still take a hit in the way the game runs.

It wasn’t too long ago that the game wasn’t even optimized for multi core systems which was then patched, how well? I can’t say.


Pc’s eh? That’s crazy and annoying


No. I have i7 and 1060, ultra runs at 45 FPS, sometimes drops to 20. I think your PC can best run the game at medium to high settings. Rattay is speciality for everyone, the biggest town in game too, so configure your settings while being there.


(Microshaft) Windows resets graphics settings if the game is switched to or alters screen state. (Eg windowed or fullscreen)

Happened around patch 1.4 ish and is likely a combo of Microsoft placing this game onto its ‘Game Mode’ hitlist.
So far I have only seen game node degrade performnce for every title. It was a design feature implemented after a first party studio got access to the first working scorpio (xbox 1x) hardware.
That same first party tgen gimped their game on PC to play equal or worse than their xbox version.

Even on a 1200 mb per second m2 drive paired with a 5ghz i7, the xbox game proved faster loading etc… very clever way for microsoft to imply/suggest that xboxs outpunch ninja pcs. (They dont, but a handful of direct x 12 microsoft titles suggest so- massive anti consumer move that sells xboxs).

Today? Any pc title can be magically made ‘game mode’ optimised: fenerlly killing most advanced pc capability in the process.

Xbox is a vote against gaming. Microsoft only deliver profit to shareholders: everyone else is an ATM machine to suck money from.
Microsoft shafting PC users in a hope to force console sales is stupid short term play.
They probably wont bounce back from this one.
(Project Proton could be the nail in the coffin for evading the Wintel entity)


On my PC it runs smooth even tho it says I’m getting 60fps I know I’m not more like 45 that is just the games limitations but I’m ok with that. I have an I7 3.4 16 gigs of RAM and a 580 xxx 8 gig amd game runs fine