Great game. Stick to your guns Warhorse!


Wanted to express my appreciation for this unique and bold creation and encourage Warhorse to “stick to their guns” with the games realism and mechanics. That is to say NOT dumbing it down. Many have been waiting for an RPG such as KCD! Im looking forward to the performance fix for pc so we can all truely enjoy this one of a kind potential masterpiece.


I agree and hope for even more detailed realism in dlc


Completely agree!
Only caveats I’d make:

  1. NEVER subject your users to that kind of scripted action sequence garbage you put in the Prologue.
  2. Try to make at least two types of “bush” (folliage): one which looks more like a HEDGE and has collision and another which doesn’t look like a hedge and DOESN’T have collision. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve tried to dash through the brush and ran into a veritable brick wall, or else got myself stuck in a small space between some trees/bushes and had to wrestle myself free.
  3. Please provide a “No Camera Sway” option toggle. I literally have to squint or close my eyes when I do a long bout of Auto-brewing because all the unnecessary animated first-person camera wobbling causes dizziness. I’m TOTALLY serious about this! It is annoying as hell.
  4. More than one breed of dog would be cool :slight_smile:

Other than that: MASTERPIECE! Just give us more of the same and I’ll buy after a brief look!


The game is great for what it does uniquely per genre and what it intends to do. That said, if we remove the maiden product excuses, the game isn’t sublime. For that, KCD would really have to implement all the Kickstarter targets (without performance hits). Then, it’d be sublime and truly without peer


Also agree. They also need to make sure the next game is less buggy because
beeing unable to end large side quests at the end is immensily frustrating.


Which side quests you can´t end?