Grindstone Bug


I’m on Xbox. At times when I attempt to use the grindstone I am unable to pedal the wheel.


happens on PC too. I can do one weapon , mebbe 2 then the bug sets in.
Another bug is when you try to use the stone & the blade goes into the stone & the attempt fails.


Yep - same problem on ps4 too.


its left trigger


I use a an XB1 wireless controller. I know it is the left trigger. but that function fails to work after more than 2 weapons on the stone.


U have mods installed?


I do , however “easy sharpening” mod is not one of them.

Except for 2 conflicts with Vranik entry and MQ completion using “cheat” the game now runs well with the mods I use.
The other problems like capon in his undies and the grindstone happen to players that didn’t use mods.
I have watch 2 complete lets plays on You Tube that were modless, played different ways and so feel I don’t hafta go thru it again, hence the mods.
I await your next snarky troll comment.


If you are going to be so sensitive about advice you won’t get any. I’ve helped quite a few people before so how about lay off the rude attitude.


lay off the snarky comments.


I think thats not a BUG but a Limiter…Set for porb TWO, as their is a “BONUS” for sharpening weapons and using em? This code would have to be set to “Unlimited” Opening up a Backdoor for hackers maybe? Cant read the code Warhorse wont let us, so their “Coding KIDDIES” will have to get back to basics to figure this one out.(sigh…Its an OLD SCHOOL fix, but the Kids dont get Old school Teaching these days)




There’s no ‘two weapon’ limit, I often sharpen multiple weapons in one session, sometimes six or more.


BUT…do they all have the BONUS when you use em? That the point I m trying to make ok? :slight_smile:


If have the perk that buffs it from Henry working on it I think so. if not :man_shrugging: