GTX 1060 or Radeon RX 480?


I’m going to be upgrading my PC soon and am getting a new GPU (graphics card). Sense this game is at the top of my wishlist for after I upgrade my PC I am trying to find the best GPU for this game with my price range of $250 to $300 (USD). I have done some research and have narrowed it down to either the GTX 1060 or Radeon RX 480 but I cant decide. So now I’m asking if I should get the GTX 1060 or Radeon RX 480.


Also, the Radeon RX 480 is 8GB and the GTX 1060 is only 6GB.


They are pretty equal. But maybe this helps: Daniel Vavra owns a 480… :blush:

I will wait for the Vega chips…


What CPU do you have? RX 480 is known to be more demanding on CPU than GTX 1060. If you have new i5/i7 then I would go for MSI RX 480 8GB.


I would never go with AMD/ATI card for a lot of reasons, but besides that I think GTX 1060 is a great card! I own it and in 1920x1080 I am able to run any game in ultra. So it is a great budget choice. Can’t tell for the RX 480, I haven’t used it.


I had and amd and nvidia. Problems were mainly with amd.
My cards was (approximate) savage, gf mx 440, gf ti 4200, can’t remember radeon, radeon 9600, radeon 7970, gf 970x2 and 1080 now.
Radeon suxx. I’m not green, i’m not red.


Afaik nvidia is much better for gamesike rome 2 total war games, and so Kingdom Come should run better. AMD for FPS games like cs go
In gta V amd is stuttering you can check videos and compare AMD with NVIDIA.


hmmm… so right now i’m hearing I should get the gtx 1060?


Both GTX 1060 and RX 480 are graphics cards under 300 dollars and both have almost similar performances. Here i suggest you to go for 8GB version of RX 480 from MSI. RX 480 performs better in DX12 and Vulkan games and the extra 2GB of RAM will help you with more demanding games in future.


No current game uses more than 4GB of RAM, at least an optimized proper game.
So 6GB are enough, this isn’t a deciding factor really. Also, the memory speed depends of the bandwith too, 8GB or 6GB it doesn’t make much of a difference.
By the time you are to utilize all of the memory, that GPU will be outdated and slow, no matter if Nvidia or AMD. The thing is that Nvidia got better support, better drivers and better optimizations in games overally. DX12 is not a concern, it is Windows 10 only (Win10 SUX IMO!) and it really doesn’t bring something revolutionary to the table. By the time it will be globally utilized by games - see what I said above for memory :slight_smile:
Go with GeForce, you won’t make a mistake.


I will make quick comparison of AMD and NVidia for ya…
I once bought AMD card. Installed it, launched first game on my steam list-> went almost fine, but I had some weird graphical glitches. Tried few diff settings, but with no improvements. Went on, and tried a new driver, had some error during install, and driver didn´t install. Suddenly ma graphic card didn´t work, spent 2 fcking days solving the issue, reinstalled drivers, half of my system, finally fixed that… And still graphical glitches. Tried another game, which ran fine… after few hours I noticed that vent was going on full power and damned card had about 75°C
Removed that damn shit, bought Nvidia and lived happily ever after.

Seriously, save yourself some hassle and protect your mental health, go nvidia…


Yes I still have graphical glitches with amd 6950 2gb sometimes it shows somekind of artifacts and then it says “driver has stopped working and has been restored” it happens when you arenot clearing your pc from old drivers completely and over it installing/updating new drivers for GPU.
So i remember having nvidia and there wasn’t such a problems


Yeah, that just means your GPU is on the way out man :confused:


it happend on the first days i bought my pc i think 2011 year that was but I got rid of it. Reinstaled freshly windows and it solved. I can use it at 100% right now. still running attila or rome 2 on nearly max settings with little stuttering.

Also amd program is such lag and slow, consuming shitty program. It no longer supports older gpus than 3 years old.


Yeah I don’t know about all that man. I have an RX 480 and an AMD FX-6300 and I’ve never had a problem. It’s a great value tbh fam.


Seems the rx480 is the card to buy for this game
(it’s also more future proof then the just 6gb from the 1060)



both cards are outdated btw I have seen this game using 5.5GB of VRAM and 10.5GB of RAM on 1080p I own 1060 6GB it`s just not enough


Haha seems you ran outta memory Moe. This here is a two year old zombie thread. You can get a 1070 for the same price if you look properly.