Guardian manfred doesnt care about my speech

Intimidation: success. (reputation loss)

Conversation goes on as normal.

ok… Charisma… Success… conversaion goes on as normal

well, so that happened. I dont expect this will be fixed or anything, but its yet one more idiotic oversight.

Have failed Charisma, Intimidation and Speech checks despite having higher said stats than the person im talking to.

Ive failed an intimidation check with people despite having nearly 9-10 points more than they did.

but in this case, it said I was succesful, yet it didnt do anything :confused:

What is it supposed to do?

The charisma option was supposed to be a bribe, the other option was supposed to be an intimidation to not force some guy into the monestary. Both succeeded, but did nothing.

It’s not a simple greater than check. You have 3 he has 2, threfore he will belive you’re Wenceslas looking to scope out the local bath wenches. He’s been ordered not to let anyone through. Not to let anyone through that has slightly nicer clothes than him.

If you’re trying to convince someone that someone went that way, and you’re the only one that saw them, it doesn’t take much to convince them. If you’re trying to convince them that you’re not pissing on their leg, it’s just been raining, you’d better have some pretty amazing speech skills, and they had better be a moron. Something tells me some of you people would not be too difficult to convince.

Okay then how about how you can convince Carolina’s father in the amorous adventures?
I forget if its speech or charisma but one will make him give up despite the fact that the noises clearly came from his house.

It’s entirely possible some checks can’t be passed. Try convincing the king’s guards that you have an appointment and that the bloody sword you’re holding is nothing to worry about. You’re not a Jedi.

I have messed around in Skalitz quite a bit, and cheated stats and items, and I couldn’t intimidate Father about why I was late when he called. Pretty sure it’s not possible. Although it is slightly glitchy, and sometimes he talks about his past, but mostly I can’t get that option to show up, regardless of what I do.

Yeah, the custodian is another one who seems to sometimes have unpassable speech checks. But I remember on previous patches he wasnt so OP.