Halberds + Spears


Can I just take a second to rant about how bullshit this is? I just got fucked in a fight (Nearly all of my stats are max btw, I’m not new or anything) Because of a Halberd. There’s no way to really counter this weapon, we can’t train to use it, and we can’t train to fight against it. got attacked on the road by 3 bandits, one with a halberd, and 2 with normal weapons (shortswords + shields) this is normally not a big deal since I’ve taken on 6+ enemies and emerged untouched… but any time I’m doing literally anything, this fucking guy with the halberd just smashes through all of my plate armor (lords of leipa set, missing pieces filled in with pieces bought from the armourer in Rattay, very expensive high defense) Try to focus him and remove him from the fight and the other 2 simultaneously hit me in the back until my stamina is gone and take me from whatever I have to 0 before I even have chance to react… Why the hell are these weapons in the game right now?

Edit: To clarify, by smashing through all of my plate armor, I mean that it pierces it and deals actual dmg, my armor doesn’t block it, so I go from full hp to halfway dead in the blink of an eye. I also have the last gasp perk, which the 2 hitting me activated, and literally continued hitting me through that effect, until I was dead.



yeah its fucked
polearms were in the game a while back then removed from hold ups and ambushes for this very reason. now they are back and go knows why
dont get me wrong, i think they should be in the game, but its plainly obvious that they have not been well implemented
you need to be able to master strike against them, you need to be able to master strike with them, they need some basic combos and they need their stats reworking
right now they kinda break combat, especially since no one wants to use them because of the above reasons and the fact that you cant unequip them, you cant put them on your horse, you cant sell them and you cant store them in a chest

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That’s my point in this post… why did the allow them back in? they’re so stupidly OP, and don’t even get me started on what happens when you ACTUALLY get one. I used a hunter spear? looked like a piece of shit at the battle of Pribsylavits, Literally just ran up and right clicked everyone, they all died in 2-3 hits. enemies in full plate dropping like they’re gnats.



You can keep them and they are great, not my favourite unless I am on a horse. Similarly to the bows, they are damaging through a full stamina but I do not find them ridiculously difficult to counter, it is never good idea to fight many at once.



Never bring a halberd to a swordfight :wink:



They’re easy to counter. They’re so slow, that they can’t defend. Get in close. Problem solved. Bows also work. Get far enough away they can’t hit you. Horse combat also works. Git gud.

The real problem is how poorly they’re implemented for the player, even after all this time. Guard carrying a halberd? No problem. Henry with one? Crime.

No combos, skills, or any way to stab, unless you’re locked on, and you can only lock on if you’re so close that the spear is no longer effective.



Aradiel you’re right, in certain situations. 1 on 1 they’re not a big deal, but when you throw one in the middle of 3, getting close is hard, especially if you try to clinch and just somehow get clinched by someone else causing you to quite literally do a 180, by the time that clinch is over, the halberd has taken half my hp, and the other guy as wrecked my stamina by just slapping my back repeatedly. These weapons are obviously not ready to be in the game yet.



If you’re getting surrounded, it sounds more like an issue of positioning, than the weapons they’re using. When I’m fighting multiple opponents, I try to take out the lowest armored one first, they will die the fastest. Also, archers, because they can’t defend, and so will die the fastest. Of course if archers are far away, then I try to keep the melee opponent between me and the archer.

Again, all of that is positioning. If you’re in the wrong place, and trying to clinch someone while you’re surrounded, then that’s obviously not going to work. It sounds like you were too focused on the polearm users, and forgetting about the other people, rather than polearms being a problem. They do a lot of damage, but to counter that, they’re slow.



Run then. Pollamrs cant sprint



I’ve been having so much fun slaughtering dudes with polearms this week. I’m using hardcore mode and they don’t really seem like that much extra challenge. Dodge and stab them to death. Or shoot them.

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Is there nowhere where i can find the Lucerne warhammer ? i once carried it in my inventory for a while but had to drop it during the monk mission and never saw it since.

Please WarHorse, Polearms are good fun during the large engagements, but i dont want to have to stop and frantically look for something on the ground during a pitched battle.



If you use a pole arm mod, bandits occasionally have Lucerne hammers in their inventory.



Speaking of the Lucerne hammer, it’s a weapon I often use. Combined with a shield, Henry does master strikes with it, and even the heaviest armoured opponents are killed with two or three hits.

Often a hit with the hammer makes the opponent lose his footing, which leaves him open for consecutive hits.

It also has very good range when mounted.



I took a halberd from a bandit. It’ll very OP as a weapon lol. 2 hits kill an army of Cumans.
Just sad that we can’t add this weapon in our inventory.



We can keep it in inventory but guards recognize it as unsheathed weapon and can take it as crime. You can use any other weapon while having it in inventory.



There is a way to glitch them into your inventory. At least on ps4. Works everytime. Open inventory as you’re in the middle of picking it up. Then repair it. Close inventory and its in.



Cool. There is another option to keep it on PC.