Hans Capon DLC - killing Black Peter (spoilers)

the “dead men tell no tales” quest is quite bugged.
I talked to the Samopesh blacksmith after winning the tournament. (saying that I won but that I had no info about his son)
Then I finished the Charlatan’s quest for the potion for Hans.
When I return to Rattay, Black Peter ambushes me.
Killing him counts as “crime” (in the stats - 1 civilian killed) , is this normal ? I always find a “page sword”, is this the poisoned weapon ?
Also, as soon as I encounter him, the “dead men” quest completes. So there is nothing more to tell to the blacksmith ?

I looked a youtube vid from someone who did the quest in the “correct order”, but he also gets the “people will notice your bad behavior blablabla” pop-up when Black Peter attacks. He doesn’t pick up the sword, so I cannot compare. But he reports to the blacksmith and it ends there.
I’m just unhappy because I wanted to keep a “clean state” (0 civilians killed).

i didnt get that on screen message when i killed him but then again i had killed loads of civilians by that stage
and yes, his sword has bane potion applied

Thanks for the info.
Just to be clear, I’m not arrested by guards and there is no “jail” or “money” icon in my reputation screen, but killing Peter, even though he attacked me, counts as one killed civilian (unlike bandits or so). Tried with or without fast travel (in this case, you get a “foe” warning).

I think that Devs now are showing previous warnings about bad actions. I got same message previous fight with Black Peter. Same again when talking (just talking!) with Charlatan in Ledetchko while doing quests to scare people.

About Black Peter you can kill him and won’t get bad reputation as long as people don’t see you doing it. There are villagers or Wayfarers near sometimes who spread bad rep about you if they see your bad behavior.

You still can decide not to kill him. You can use perk headcracker. Or just run away. After some distance he will stop chasing you. Then you can sneak behind or just let him go. He will start walking out the KCD map.

Same in Ledetchko, even when you receive same warning your reputation doesn’t suffer losses if you are not caught.

My guess: I think those previous warnings are the fool proof warnings some players were asking for. I think it’s pretty obvious that you will be tagged as criminal if people see you doing bad things, even if IT IS a mission. But, some people complains…

Thanks for your input.
I tried another approach and sneaked behind him and made him KO. Then I looted everything.
When Peter wakes up, he still attacks me, and I can beat him continuously (fist fight). He doesn’t give up. But he’s harmless now.

Still strange that he attacking me doesn’t make him a “bandit”, whose death wouldn’t count as “crime” for the game.

Hi, two years later but I think thats not correct. I lured him to the wilds, and there was no one there, but still after killed him my civilian kill count increased by 1

I was referring only to bad reputation… not about civilian kill count increase.

Greetz :slightly_smiling_face:

You loose reputation at the moment he makes an ambush on you, before you attack him or kill him.

Actually, everytime you see a warning about bad reputation, it means you just lost it.