Hans Capon dlc (spoilers)

Playing on a normal PS4 after having completed the main game.

I havnt finished the dlc yet but have come across a few bugs. After winning the dice tournement there is no option to talk to Sir Erhart yet my quest log has been updated while I was playing the tournement as if I have

Also I have been in the camp for 3 days now and ‘camp girl’ is still missing her face

Reloading a previous save and after beating 2 dice apponents I then went and spoke to Sir Erhart and told him I was playing the dice tournament which fixed it and then continued to win the tournament.

Also the camp woman got her face back and I was able to talk to her this time.

Don’t know if I’m missing some stuff but the dlc feels a bit like a sandwich with not much filling. So after completing the ‘parley’ with Sir Erhart there’s no option to ask him where the necklace came from or if he has any idea who might have killed the noble, so the whole conversation with him is completely pointless.

Pechuna is the only one that leaves the camp and mentions he placed a necklace in the prize for the dice tournement. After you win there’s 2 necklaces in the chest and there’s no option to ask Pechuna which one he placed there. If you let Pechuna win the dice tournement you can then walk up to him and tell him it’s Hans necklace and he will give you it for free and there’s then no option to ask him who placed it into the tournament.

The camp wench has nothing to add either. Thought maybe one of the bandits might have boasted to her about his new fortune.

The bandits mention they sometimes talk to the charcoal burners just down the road from the camp. There’s no option to ask the charcoal burners if they have seen any of the bandits passing them recently (maybe with a bloody sword and some loot)

Mladota has the fancy boots (which the dead man was missing) and he has the fancy dice but we can’t ask him about them either.

The dead man either knew his killer or was asleep as there’s no struggle and the killer tried to burn a map which showed the location of the bandits hideout. The killer also went through the dead body as if he was searching for “something” yet we never find out what it was. Was the killer searching for the dice or the necklace? If so then how did they know it was on the dead body?

If the bandit leader was waiting for a noble to visit them and then one of the bandits finds a noble near by and kills him and finds a map showing the location of their hideout and then soon after someone visits the camp saying they are that noble?! The killer is either completely stupid or wasn’t in the camp.

I ended up accusing Mladota for the murder to which the knight rewarded me with his dead friends hat and then sat down and ate some food…that was it?!

I was fully expecting another quest to sneak into the camp and get the dice back or to murder Mladota.

I love the game and have pumped hundreds of hours into it and I’m still enjoying it but the writing for the new quests just seems very basic with not much depth.

Mladota uses the nobleman’s dice. After the dice tournament, i pickpocket him and took the dice. Mladota also tells a story about he killing a dude.

He mentions a story about ambushing a wagon on the road with a merchant and multiple soldiers. Not a noble asleep next to a campfire by himself.

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i found this quest really weird as well, even if you kill mladota and take alphonse’s dice it still doesnt say you found the killer
you can kill anyone and tell anselm it was them “because of the dice” and he will believe you

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So after all the investiging it doesn’t matter at all who you say the murderer is as he will believe you either way? Seems a bit pointless.

Same with Sir Erhart. On my first try during the parly I said exactly what Alfonso was meant to say and he believed me. I then reloaded a previous save and said something different during the parley and he still believed me…

yeah its fucked as far as i can tell

If he defeated you in the dice game you can accuse him of cheating and he’s going to say that the last person he killed never saw him coming and he is also using a noblemans hunting sword in the duel and if you pickpocket him you will also see a dagger in his inventory.

i’ve paid 1k groschen to take part. Shouldn’t they be in the chest?

So, there is no trigger that allows the quest to proceed? Just visiting Sir Anselm is too clumsy for me. I spent hours in the camp looking for more clues. So I robbed Mladota and afterward i used the set of dice against him in the tournament. He did not take notice …

So, Mladota seems to have the items of Sir Alphonse (dice, sword, pants, shoes, …), the bandit leader owns his horse. But no bandit was allowed to be at the other side of the river, where Sir Alphonse died …

Mladota is a spy from Slany, who killed Sir Alphonse? And left the map to the bandit camp for the guards?

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Pechuna is the murderer, not Mladota. And here is why.

  1. Mladota does not leave the camp, he stays and plays. Pechuna comes and goes

  2. Mladota has all red shiny dice. This was NOT the nobles dice. The nobles had 2 special dice, one red shiny made in Prague and the other being the black one from his home town of shiny. This detail was given in dialogue with Sir Alphonse friend.

  3. There were 2 necklaces wagered, one old and one nice one. When proceeding to go against pechuna, Blaha noted he wagered a “nice” necklace.

The dice you get from Mladota are called Alphonse’s Die/Alphonse’s Devil Die

While I don’t remember the exact terminology used, considering Capon’s necklace was from his great grandmother (his grandmothers mother), I’d say old is a fair word to use for it.

I do agree with the first point though. Although Mladota is wearing what I assume is Alphonse’s shoes. Either way I don’t think we can know for sure.

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