Hans Talhoffer vs Joachim Meyer, who would win in a fight?

Both these guys are authors of famous fightbooks from ancient Germany.

Hans Talhoffer- A 15th century judicial duel instructor, martial arts instructor and known mercenary/assassin. Theres records of him being jailed for assasinating a robber-knight among other things. There is also a possibility he was the founder or inspiration for the Marxbrüder fencing guild. Talhoffer is also possibly of the Liechtenauer tradition although thats up for debate. On top of his combat training Talhoffer was a well educated man, who took interest in astrology, mathematics, onomastics, and the auctoritas and the ratio.




Joachim Meyer - 16th century cutler and member of Freifechter fencing guild , possible ex soldier (according to Roger Norling), served on the town gaurd and last of the Liechtenauer tradition. Meyer was also hired by a duke as master at arms weeks before dying of pneumonia.

Meyer’s system is a little “flashier”/“sportier” than traditional KDF/Liechtenauer/German martial arts and has some Italian influence(Bolognese/di Grassi/Marozzo) in the dagger and sidesword.


The fight looks like this:

No armor, no rules and out in the middle of a field.

Round 1 : Longsword

Round 2 : Talhoffer with lange messer versus Meyer with real Dussak

Round 3: Wrestling and dagger

Round 4: Meyer with sidesword/rappier Talhoffer with arming sword and buckler

Who do you think would win and why?

I have my own opinions on this but I’d honestly prefer to not cause any arguments

So i will just say that we dont know enough about them to truly make an estimation to their abilities apart from the fact that they decided to write treatises that, to the best of our knowledge experimentation and guesswork, make sense.

Btw rapier master race :smiling_imp:

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Also we dont know anything about their builds

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Please dont tell me youre talking about the Italian rapier or I will bust out the George Silver quotes :hushed:

Heh, do your worst

laughs in olympic

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You just did all the work for me (bringing up the tip-tap Olympics) lol

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