Hardcore armour in new game?

hey guys I was thinking about the possibilty of armour behaving differently in the game that is currently under development. the armour system can remain the same in normal difficulty but I think it would be very interesting to make plate armour imprevious to stab and slash attacks in the hardcore mode (maybe just buff plate super hard to like 80). greatly buff chainmail to where its stab resistance would be like 50, with a normal longsword doing around 60 damage, maybe implement a system where if there is no gambeson underneath, the effectivness of the mail is greaty reduces to like 30 (simulate the 1 inch of the tip slipping through rings before the sword gets wide enough to punch throuhg). maybe even add a somewhat grappling system as that was basically always the end result in armoured combat as it was almost impossible to kill the person through sanguination, you basically just have to bonk them super hard.

all the numbers arnt written in stone and it would be hard to optimize but i think it would increase the dread you feel if a fully armoured and skillful opponent approached you. I think the main balancing that would happen would not be in the way of changing the stats of how much damage is blocked but basically rarely seeing such opponents to begin with and most historical sources show that visors were often left up to inhance visibility, possibly add a toggle to drop the visor so you can choose if you want the protection or visibility, you and enemies also weak spot to aim for

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