(Hardcore mode) Decorated black hose and Cuffed combat jacket

Has anyone found a place to get these items in hardcore mode? I can’t find it anywhere. Or with, can’t find it anywhere I mean legaly… I have seen some people use the decorated black hose, but I do not wan’t to steal them…unless if it’s from bandits or cumans ofc

I know I had these in my last hardcore save but can’t find it anywhere now. Not seen any bandits or cumans where them and not seen any armorsmith/tailors sell them…

The decorated black hose can be found on a bandit east of Sasau monastery within a bandit camp. The bandit has a lot of expensive attire.
The cuffed jacket can be found I believe on dead traders during random encounters. Although it is technically classed as stealing. Not sure where else it can be found.


Bandit’s leader near Sassau, on your way to Miller Simon…

You mean, Cuffed combat Jupon???

As said, some traders in hold up encounters…

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Ok, I will go there and check then

https://kingdom-come-deliverance.fandom.com/wiki/Cuffed_combat_jacket No I do mean jacket :roll_eyes:

Haven’t found it… :roll_eyes:

But I have found a jupon…

Could be the same thing, just that they named it jacket on the wiki.

I located the decorated black hose on an idiot trader in Skalitz. Three traders walked into an ambush by some well armored bandits across the main road from the tavern. After dispatching the bandits, I discovered the traders were quite well dressed. Kept them purty pants for myself ; D. Also a decorated arming doublet with defense 4/7/12; char-17