Hare Meat?

I managed to stick a hare at 5 paces with an arrow… it was in the forest just west of Uzhitz, it’s called pereblitz forest (can’t remember the exact name).
The hare is now marked as stolen in my inventory? Is this because someone owns that forest so I have been effectively poaching? Or have I just killed someone’s pet hare?

I’m gradually destroying the evidence by feeding it to Mutt…

You are not allowed to hunt until you become huntermaster of Talmberg. Only the noble were allowed to hunt.
You can cook the meat and it will no longer be marked as stolen.

Yeah it’s actually on par with high treason to kill the kings deer, boar, wabbit, etc. but for the “king” to slaughter your entire town (almost anyway) is a-ok!:upside_down_face:. Stupid politicians.

Thanks for the explanation, and yes cooking the meat renders it legitimate… hunting seems quite profitable now!

hunting bandits is even more proitable ^^