Has anyone heard any hints when the next main game is being released?

After a long lay off I’ve finally given the DLCs a chance, and I forgot how good this game is, and hope they’re still continuing with the series. Unfortunately I still can’t get wind of a hint on when or whether a new game will be released. Everytime I contact them I’m met with silence. Anyone heard any rumours?

It doesn’t make any kind of sense to officially announce or talk about a possible KC2 when there’s still DLCs for KCD to be released.

For the time being, Warhorse will just refer to “next large unannounced project”: http://www.thqnordic-investors.com/app/uploads/2019/02/Investor-presentation-THQ-Nordic-AB-acquires-Warhorse-Studios-FINAL-1.pdf

As for the rumours, there’s practically only one stating that KC2 will continue directly from where KCD left off.

WH has been bought out so any new game will be released when the parent company thinks the KCD “milk cow” is drained.

They had been asked how long to next game. Will it be faster since they expanded and they are planning to grow. The next game will probably not be sooner than 4 years. The next game will probably be historical medieval RPG and they would naturally like to continue Henry story. This may mean Henry in cutscene, as NPC and player being anybody or just mentioned. Not putting any more of my speculations here. After releasing their last DLC, they want to start on their new project. Mr. Vavra mentioned brainstorming some time ago, but it’s generally said new project is not under way and they are working on finishing their last DLC and bugfixing. But Tobi started to say no bugs in KCD lately and also didn’t mention modding support when talking about future plans. That is not set for any period of year. It’s simply put on the schedule after everything is finished. While even longer time ago than any of this, Mr. Klima mentioned modding. They had something but didn’t have all the tools they would like to give to modders.

I think they are already working on it, but they don’t want to say or promise anything, till some part of the new game won’t be finished. Becouse then will be shorter time from announcement to release, and people won’t be bitching that much about long development, delaying etc. Personally I don’t expect new game sooner than for 2 years.

I would say atleast 4 years, even with all the extra budget they will have. They will more likely implement more things and add more depth rather than make it quicker. Which is what I would prefer.
They could hopefully implement some of their failed kickstarter targets.