Has Warhorse ever refunded anybody?


Yeah, sorry. When I found a user had already uploaded the bug I was experiencing, I chose not to record and upload again , because I can just post his video. I do upload my own sometimes.


@Urquhart: I have a GTX 1080 and an i7-7700K, i can say you will get around 30-40FPS in most areas and even less in cities, if you are using 4K res.

The game plays between 50-70FPS on 1080P or 1440P. I wish I knew how to get better performance out of the game.

But enough of that, dont want to hijack @Shady’s thread.


So after a clean installation of the game , it’s playing worse now than ever lol. You can’t make this stuff up I swear. Now the game has some issue with cut-scenes and audio syncing. The audio is like a half second off sync, and the scenes are taking forever to load. I’ve never experienced this ever. I don’t install my games on the same drive as my OS, and everything else I have works flawlessly. Weird. In the scene in Talmberg Henry was glitched floating in mid air , and the camera was faceing a blank wall. There are thousands of bugs in this game, and they’re just absurd.


For users with a bug problem, I’d recommend waiting until after woman’s lot (May?)


I am dealing with many bugs as well, I want to play it so much but it is unplayable.Here’s the bugs I’m dealing with for months (with giving up and retrying for a year) now
*People had no heads at all. (I’ve fixed that)
*Then map froze time to time and made me restart the game (I’ve fixed that too)
*Then my game shut down without giving an error. (then I’ve fixed this)
*Also my save file was corrupted, game didn’t let me continue, so I downloaded someone else’s save file.
*After all done, my computer shut down while in game… (I said “enough” at this point)
(But still, I’ve cleaned my computer, renewed thermal paste of both cpu and gpu)

Then I’ve played the game for 5-6 happy hours, then guess what?

My save file was corrupted again! It’s really frustratıng… I don’t think they will ever find a way to fix this.


I will add my two cents in………… Many of the “bugs” people have posted about are due to either mods that are no longer compatible or are hardware/operating system glitches. The developers are constantly addressing bug issues and have been quite responsive in seeking solutions. There are issues with gameplay, but (at least for me) none have ben game breakers. I have played the game five times from beginning to end and have yet come across a game breaker. I enjoy the game for what is there, not what I want to be there.


@glansky Okay, let’s forget about improving what we got, and give ourselves up to inertia, thus “accept our fate” as it is.

How confident are you about your claim? Can you at least 90% guarantee that my game won’t be ruined because of a moronic bug if I don’t use any mods, and have a system that works in other games perfectly?
If you are not sure, then let people criticize the problems.
In Turkish, there is a saying: “amacımız bağcıyı dövmek değil, üzüm yemek” (our purpose is not to beat the vigneron, it is to eat grapes)


I can attest that with 100% certainty that my game is not ruined. I have no control over you or your computer. So, what you have said that you have never experienced any problems playing any other game except KCD? I have yet to play any game that has not had at least some “bug” or glitch that has caused me to restart from a previous save or even restart the game. You are indeed one luck person.


No I meant my computer does not cause bugs in other games.Anyway, I reinstall the game, try 1.8.2 version with 5 mods only:

“RicherMerchants20k”, “NoStaminaGraphics”, “Unlimited Weight”, “Instant_Herb_Picking” and “Unlimited saving”

Which is a lot less than the last time I’ve finished this game without having a corrupted save file (it was about 1.4 version of the game, and I had about 20 mods)

If it doesn’t work, I will quit this nonsense.


The mods need to be updated to be compatible with the latest game patch and upgrade. I do not play with any mods and have not experienced any game stopping/breaking issues. There are some glitches with graphics from time to time, but no issues that make the game unplayable.


Steam exist since 2004 and nobody until this day knows how it works?!
Brilliant Humanity who wants tell you everywhere and most time the opposite!


no and they shouldn’t have to. but they have occasionally done so anyway. they shouldn’t, because then you’ll just use that money to purchase from ubishit, ea, or activision.


It is easy to describe how Steam works, it’s called magic… Magic of the Internet.


Easy yes, magic nope. Idk why and from where people got the idea they can refund every digital content which is related to his mails and accounts. And every launcher/client has a access feature where you can play and refund in specific amount of time. It is clear that all this is a scam and they betrayed somewhere. But in a shop you also have refund and warranty options too. And it is not logical to refund something after two or more years, but there are still people in the jungle who believe that it is always their right. (Not at the OP but the theme is a common thing since the invention of steam)


Yikes that performance sounds horrible. I’m running KCD on a Ryzen 1600 no overclock, 16GB Ram, game is on an SSD / HD combo melded together with Fuzedrive (excellent software!).
My screen is only full HD so even my previous lowly Radeon 7700 was ok (still lowered the resolution till it ran ok), but on my new RX 580 it is gorgeous and smooth. Only mod is the bow reticule, all dlcs loaded except foreign voices.
OS is win 10.
Curious what your specs are.