Has Warhorse ever refunded anybody?


I’ve been extremely patient with this game, and have attempted at least four separate play through’s , and every single time I have bugs that prevent me from progressing. Almost all of them surround training. Either Bernard disappears after the Neuhof mission from a bug that sends him in limbo, where I have to complete near 8 hours of game-play before he returns to Rattay so I can train. That bug has happened to me twice, and there’s plenty of posts about it on this forums. And even when Bernard is actually available at the training arena, I get a bug where he stops training after about 25 seconds, and walks away. He will not actually engage in a training session. He just quits after about 25 seconds and gets stuck in a bug loop. I’ve posted videos of this, and everybody agree’s with me that this is absurd.

So I have to ask. How is this not fraud? How is this not at the very least unethical? I’m sending the developers saved game files, and it’s not helping me. It’s not doing anything. My game still doesn’t work. Is there some kind of option for a refund? I have posted a half dozen different videos on this forum, and have sent the developers game save files, and I get nowhere. I feel like I was robbed for 60$. I have a game that doesn’t work. And I’ve been very patient. 4 separate play-through attempts, and every…single…time I get bugs like this.

And just to be clear. These are NOT issues that are exclusive to me. Every one of the issues I have , are common among other users. I can find multiple different posts about these bugs on this forum and reddit. So , this isn’t something I can resolve. I’ve never had problems like this with any other game in my entire life.

I mean honestly… what does Warhorse want me to do? Do they want me to go for a fifth play-through and start over again? I’ve already tried that 4 different times. There’s too many bugs. I’ve attempted to play through the game on two separate hard drives because I thought the texture loading issue was related to my hard drive, so I reinstalled it on an SSD. Come to find out, the game just has a horrible texture loading bug. So reinstalling isn’t going to help either. I’ve already tried that.


@Shady: Did you buy the game directly from Warhorse? If not, they wont and cant refund you.

If you bought from Steam, good luck getting a refund, you will need to contact Steam support. Steam’s policy is you can buy the game and refund it but only if you do so within several hours (not sure about the exact #). So you dont have very long to get a no questions asked refund. After that, generally no, unless their support reviews your claim and makes an exception.

If you bought the DRM-free copy of KCD from GOG like I did, slim chances of getting a refund there either. GOG’s policy is pretty much no refund UNLESS you are having major technical issues with (like game wont start, frequent crashes, incompatibility with your version of Windows, etc).

Your 3rd option is to call your bank, tell them you have already requested a refund and been denied, say you want to file a claim for the amount you shelled out for the game. They will review it and can legally force Steam/GOG/WH to refund back to your bank account. It’s called a chargeback. Be careful doing this if you bought from Steam, they can suspend/ban your account and lock you out of your entire game library. This may also vary depending on your country’s laws and bank policies. They may deny your claim if it has been weeks/months since the purchase.

I’ve looked into alot of your threads, didnt want to get involved. You have posted some interesting issues, I havent experienced most of them, and if so it was temporary. I dont doubt that your issues may be happening to others. But it’s certainly not universal.

But on the other hand, I think part of your problems may be caused by failing to understand how some things work, perhaps lack of motivation to look into every nook and cranny to see how things work. You cant always expect a game to explicitly tell you that you need to do something, or explicit instructions. Doing your own investigations is part of the fun. KCD isnt a hack-n-slash, it requires more patience and willingness to learn/explore than the average game. It’s very hands-on.

Will all due respect, I’m of the impression that KCD simply isnt your cup of tea. You clearly dont seem to be happy with it, and I’m not going to try to insult you or argue with your opinions. My suggestion, uninstall the game, get a refund by any means possible. There are too many games out there to get stressed out over just one, move on. Or…give KCD another go on a new game. Dont use mods (at first), make sure you meet the recommended specs, back up saves often. But most of all, explore everything. Read everything. Talk to everyone you meet.

But hey, it’s your time and your money, so make your call.


I appreciate the response, but the bugs that I have the biggest issues with , are in fact bugs. The bug where Bernard walks away and stops training after 10 to 25 seconds is one of the main issues I have. I have to continue re-engaging with him, and usually he gets stuck in a loop where he just paces back and fourth, and the only way to break this loop is to wait until night time, go to sleep and return the next day. That’s not something I can solve with more investigation. I can’t look into every nook and cranny and fix that. The bug where Bernard fails to return to Rattay is also an issue. I know where he is. He just wont return to Rattay. This happened to me in a previous play-through attempt, and it takes well over a dozen missions before he returns, and I check after every single one, making sure it’s past noon. I went back to a previous game save, and followed him after the Nuehof mission just to see what he does, and he dismounts his horse in the middle of the road, gets back on and returns to Neuhof. He’s supposed to return to Rattay. People have posted “let’s play” series on YouTube, and Bernard is supposed to return to Rattay after that mission. So these are my problems more or less. Do you have any advice on these two specifically, because these are the two biggest ones I have? There are youtube posts from other users, reddit posts, and forum posts here from users all experiencing these issues.


Also, I have never used a mod. I don’t even use the HD/textures/sounds because it has a tendency to increase load times, which causes an archery bug. The archery competitions reward the first finished competitor, but if I have HDsound/textures enabled, the load times are so long, the 2 competing archers shoot 4 or 5 arrow’s before I even load in and start shooting. Trust me, I’ve learned to avoid mods before even attempting to download one. I would love this game if not for the bugs. This game is EXACTLY my cup of tea , if it worked properly. When this game is working, I love it. When it bugs out, it breaks my game and I don’t know what to do. I have tried everything. So yes, I’m frustrated. And it’s even more frustrating when people tell me to play another game because this game isn’t my cup of tea. How can I control these bugs? Are you suggesting there are players out there who enjoy bugs? I don’t get it? If the game wasn’t my “cup of tea” , I wouldn’t have given it 4 play through attempts. So thanks for the advice, but when you say stuff like that to people, it undermines the actual issues, and suggests the real problem is me. The problem isn’t me. The problems are bugs.


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And you’re helping how? Irony much? If users are posting threads about bugs, and nobody is helping, you don’t pile on 19 threads later and wonder why they’re still complaining. Have you ever once attempted to help me resolve any of these issues back when I framed the posts as concern or help? If you’re not helping, you’re part of the problem. You are in the bugs section of the forum, yelling at users for posting about bugs. What?


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Yes, please do.


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You have never given me a solution for any of the bugs in this post. Ever.


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Just to be clear, you asked me if I was interested in your solution, I said, YES PLEASE, and you call me a whiner and tell me you’re done? This doesn’t help me solve the problem. Do you actually have a solution for these bugs, or are you just trying to get the thread locked for starting an argument? I’ll post it again if it gets locked, because I don’t have another course for action.



He wanted you to upload your save so he could try it out, to see if it was hardware related or the game itself. Instead you ignored him.


Yes, I sent the saved game file to the Developers already.


Do you know how many saves they get? Would take them ages to test it out, even then they may not even reply back to you for a solution. Thats why he suggested uploading it for him to try. If your save works for him then it is a hardware issue on your end.


The reason I didn’t send the saved game file directly to a forum user, is because I’m not a developer. I don’t know what sort of data is being stored in that file. So I decided instead to go through the contacts section of this forum, and send it to a developer instead. There’s a certain amount of personal responsibility a private company deals with , that random people on forums are immune to. That’s why I didn’t send it to him. I send it to the developers because I feel more comfortable doing that. They may get a lot of saved game files, but that’s why I’m here.


@Shady: I merely was stating my opinion by saying that I dont believe this game is your cup of tea, because of all the issues you’re. Bugs are frustrating for everyone, but some are more tolerable than other. Of course, gamebreaking bugs are a different story. If I had your issues and couldnt resolve them, I would just quit, get a refund, and move on.

@gerardfraser: it sounds to me like you are just trying to troll. @Shady has no reason to send you a save, you are not one of the game devs and dont understand the code/internal mechanics. If anyone can tell @Shady whether it’s hardware related, it would be WH, not you. And if you are truly done trying to help him, then perhaps you should STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND HIS by posting things that arent contributing to a resolution. Anything posted outside of that is trolling. I mean, if I dont want to help someone, then I wont frequent their threads posting insults and not offering any info of use.


I don’t feel it’s appropriate to have to send personal files to random people on forums to address an issue. If I were willing to accept that risk, even if there is none, okay. But I’m not. I don’t know who this person is, or what’s being saved in those files. So , I wouldn’t do that anyways. In other words, if I send an individual a file that has some sort of exploitable information, that’s on me. If I send that file to a developer, upon their request, there’s legal responsibility there.


I watched your YT Videos. Quick question please, why do you have only 38FPS? I read you had a GTX 1080.
OK I see, it’s not your Video.


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