Hate Lockpicking


Is there any plans to make the lockpicking mini game easier on the console version.

I am really loving the game, only had it a few days and have been playing it 18 a day. But what a really hate is that after spending 1000s on lockpicks I still can’t open a single chest.


you really need to buy a hand controller for the game to get the best and easiest lock picking. it was hard at first but i am slowly getting the knack to pick hard locks now.


If he says for the console version doesn’t it imply he is using one? Instead if the controller is a little battle worn a new one perhaps. Going completely exotic a key board and mouse for a console.( tho pricey)


What you see it what you get. They already dumbed it down once for everybody.


It’s quite easy is console. And easier when you learn perks.


There are already 45864907290476435ß Threads about this Topic… -.-

sorry but: GIT GUD


Sometimes i am dreaming about that the forum here would today be more like WoP icon_laughing

And to OP,
you would never believe what i am hating on the game.