Healing from being poisoned

Hi all, I have been poisoned by an arrow, but I don’t know how to heal myself. The game won’t let me sleep and says I am too wounded and need to get help. How do I do that? How do I heal myself from poison?


Antidote. Buy it at herbwoman or in rattay at the alchemist next to the rathaus

or make if you have the ability and can read.
2 skills that should been done ASAP, IMHO

Or use a Marigold decoction until your poison status dissapears

good thing you didn’t get hit with one having the mod Pro-Bain. -200 health a sec ( personal fav on my weapons)

I know this is like months later, but I read this thread after being poisoned by Black Peter and I found another solution, if you go to a bathhouse and ask them to heal your wounds that should help too

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