Hello! Thank you for this great GAME!

So HI!

Hi to the DEVS.

Hi to the STAFF.

Just Hi@all.

I am so happy, that I did forget this Game in the past 4 years.

I remember the announcement.

I remember Darkness.

This is the first time I try to get active into something gamerelated.


I understand some people that are annoyed about the @status of some parts of the game.


You must keep in mind what you are currently playing.

This is the most realistic game I ever played before in DETAIL point of view.

Sure, if you haste through the story, just to get the satisfying feeling of the @ENDING like in the movie, you did not understand the intention of this product.

aside making some money, pay the fees, pay taxes, build a house, whatever A PERSON needs to @survive


I want you to appreciate a bit, the immersion this game is providing EVEN, it is not hopefully not yet a VR game.

(I guess VR will be more the way @Bethesda did, that you will … *still hoping you are the good guys.)

I will now play, as I really want to know this world.

If … I will make my postings, lets see what happens next.

by the way, anyone interested in a IT guy for hire?


I wish that this game changes the way people “use” videogames

I restarted in Harcore mode and … I must say, this feels damn right :slight_smile:
If you like to peek into my “interpretation” of this game:

<sorry, my computer went to hot> streaming is not possible :slight_smile: >

Love & Peace to all of you!


KCD is probably my favourite game. 1300hrs it took me to finish it cos I really engrossed myself in everything. I lived every minute.


then you must be the greatest fan! :blush: