Helmets are useless?

Seems like enemies can only hit to the body. I’ve found that after all long tough fight all my body armor is almost ruined, but the helmet is practically undamaged.

I fought against whole Ratae garrison withot a helmet at all, and while i recieved a dozens of hits to the body, that broke my plate and hauberk totally - there where no critical hit or something to the head at all.

The same situation with the leg armor - I wear it more in aesthetic reasons )

NPCs can definately strike your head and if you’re not wearing a helmet when they do, it can really mess you up. Even causing massive bleeding which obscures your vision. But if that hasn’t happened to you it’s either luck or because of your positioning. For example, if you’re fighting someone from on top of a staircase, they won’t be able to strike you in the head.

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Looks like this chance is too low. I’ve finished the game, clear all the bandits and cumans camps few times in a row, fought aginst garrisons just for fun. I wear only open-face helmets or no helmet at all. No face bleeding or critical hit. Not once.

They happen very rarely to not at all with any helmet (open or closed) but I’ve actually tested the helmet vs no helmet by raiding rattay a couple times and without any head protection even a single hit to the head is enough to cause this effect in addition to the massive damage you take but head protection mitigates these. Also, gotta note this is without any head protection such as coifs, helmets, etc. as a coif and padding on their own provide decent protection even without a helmet.

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They do hit you on the head and legs, but it is indeed very rare compared to the strikes your body and arms get.
Agree the risk is slim if you don’t wear a helmet, that a hit takes you down, especially if you get a bit further in the game and have learned to fight proper.

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My game must be messed up because I get hit and damaged everywhere.

Nah I have the same experience. Might just be because my RNG seems to favor spawning dudes with axes and shields, which is a real PIA to fight without taking hits.