Helmets in game


Oh and Jack chains can be traced back way before 1407, they even have them in the Bohemian mansctiots at the beginning of the game. Again, trade was great in Europe. If France had it, so did German states, if Germans States had it, so did eastern European kingdoms. And hey, 2000 km is absolutely no distance at all. People were able to travel these distances. Need I remind you of the crusades? The same logistics apply to any army or merchant.

Edit: 1000 km *


That is quite expensive. I mean taxes for trade, travel expenses… the bevor made in France would cost a lot more if sold in Bohemia. So even less people could afford it.

We do not have any documentation or examples found as far as I know. Not that even of armourers were here that could make plates.

So I believe that people here used mail armour to protect their neck.


Mail armour does not deflect the kinetic energy when struck. It isn’t even armour designed for the wearer. It is composite armour designed to protect the gambeson or padding underneath. I very highly doubt that no smiths or amourers in Bohemia could produce plate armour or even partial plate. It isn’t hard. Bohemian’s can make helmets, so there is no problem with making a bevor or a chest plate.

Before you try the “earlier on people could do helmets” yes, but they could only do helmets in multiple plates of metal, whereas in the 15th century, they could do a helmet from a single sheet of metal. Eg. A kettle helmet. 13th century were at least two plates and 15th century was a single plate with added detailing, such as a ridge line.

Don’t dis the Bohemians!


gorgets and bevors would be a cool addition to the game


Sure, I’ll give you that. It was mainly to prove that we have more than enough sources for bevors before 1403. And as people stated, we even have Milanese plate armor in the game and more than just one too. If you wanna go down that route, even the Rattay or Sasau armorsmith, if he has a basic understanding of tempering would be able to produce a bevor as shown on the effigy of Don Alvaro de Cabrera, as well as the one of Thibaud de Pomollain as they are just a long, rectangular piece of sheet metal curved around the neck with the lower portion made of fabric or leather with plates riveted to it, similar to a coat of plates.
After all it is just a game and not an authentic representation of medieval life. It should be within the possibilities of the time and of course research was important to WarHorse but there is a lot of artistic freedom they took.
I personally would love to see a simple bevor that can be worn with skull caps or kettle hats as I just think it looks super badass and wouldn’t limit your field of vision any more than any open faced helmet.
I am wearing a bascinet with visor atm cause I do love the look of it but hate the limited field of vision.
I would switch to bevor+ kettle hat in a heartbeat if they implemented it…


Dude, they got their fight mechanics from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” What do you expect?


I looked to materials I could found and perhaps I was a bit too pessimistic. It seems there were few dozens (plate) armouresr in Bohemia which means people who would be able to do bevor.
Just the lack of any of actual evidence makes me worry. I haven’t seen it in art of that period nor I know about any example found.

Yeah I agree on that.


Lack of evidence is something we always have with history! :joy:

We don’t need to find evidence or manuscript from every region or area, if we did, it’d be absurd and kinda stupid. We know the areas around did it, and we know the area has the capacity to do it, so it would have been done. The exception being if they were isolationists, which they weren’t.