Help getting my PC physical key code

Hi! Today my physical copy of the game arrived. I have the Soldier Tier (physical). I have 4 DVDs and when I’m going to install the game it asked me for a code. That code is not anywhere, not in the box, not in my profile, not in Kickstarter, nor anywhere.
I’ve waited 4 years to get this game and now this happens… I’ve tried to contact support via email and twitter, but no response

Can anyone help me?

inside your dvd box to the left, there are 2 flyers. everyone has a code at the backside. enter both.
You will have to download the whole game from Steam.


WTF?! :smiley:

My box is empty. It only contains the DVDs and a CD with the soundtrack

Inside your box are only the discs? There should be a picture to the left side. Pull it out

Well, I bought my box from amazon. Due to changes from release, i haven’t been able to install from the discs. I had to download from Steam.

This is it. Nothing else

Ok…Ok…your Code should be in your Profile…So It’s not. Tomorrow @DrFusselpulli will have a look whats wrong…
When did you wrote the E-Mail to the Support?

I’ve written them this morning. I know I’ve only waited for day but I want this shorted out as soon as possible because it seems like a minor issue.
This is my profile

I don’t think I will get an answer now. I will get back to you tomorrow.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Your key is now in your Profile. Thank you for your Patient :grinning:

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