Help locating and extracting map files

After unpacking the files is there a way to extract the maps in the game. I have photoshop and .dds plugins etc. I believe I just need to know if these files reside somewhere that can be loaded up and extracted with photoshop or another program.

Can anyone tell me where they might be or if this can be done?

Try here… C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\KingdomComeDeliverance\Data\GameData.pak\Libs\UI\Textures\Maps\

Thanks bud. I have successfully extracted, combined and resized in Photoshop all of the in game maps at full resolution.

I did this since i was looking for the maps online without icons etc. and couldn’t find them, at least not all of them.

Since I have them now I would upload them online but I was only worried about Warhorse not liking it if I put them here. What do you guys say? If you think I should post them, let me know what forum to do it in as well.