Help over modded, now game is broken Cant fix =(



I modded the game use 14 or so mods. everything was fine until i entered (-devmode) into steams launch options to use the Cheat mod from nexus, now the games stutters like crazy and fps is sitting at like 10!
Ive uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail.
im out of ideas please for the love of god help me!!!


I imagine you’ve backspaced -devmode from launch options and verify integrity in local files?


try to delete the contents of the profiles folder
C:\users\MaddRoot\saved games\kingdomcome\profiles


Cheat its mod for easier console use not actual cheating don’t bitch about things u don’t understand 80 percent of mods before patch 1.3 made game actually better and harder


I can second this, I didn’t have to use the extended console at all until 1.3 broke random encounters! And yes every mod except a single visual one for lockpicking I’ve downloaded was to make the game harder. It’s way too easy.


That’s what you get for cheating lmfao…


This is why I play on consoles. LOL.

Ah just kidding. PC is better than consoles, but on my xbox if the game crashes I know it isn’t because I made any mistakes with modding and accidentally breaking a game.


I use reshade mod and no hid ect mod and console command for the rest :slight_smile: ultra settings … no problem absolutely brilliant game thank you Warhorse


Talk about a useless necro of a thread, more comments from the peanut gallery…
Regardless, how can anyone “cheat” when its a single player game? Really, think about, seriously think about it, does it affect anyone else’s enjoyment or outcome on their game? Live and let live mate…

And don’t be so quick to judge, most mod the game to improve graphics quality or performance, or difficulty…

Oh yah, you run it all on Ultra… Is that on your Atari?


Sometimes U just have to scrap your install and all associated files and reinstall all your mods from scratch one at a time. These things can happen when U mod a game that is still being supported.


Not everyone has fun the same way that you do, and nobody cares that you think your game is more difficult. If you knew anything about the PC gaming community you’d realize that most of our mods make things -harder-, not easier.