Help support a 14th-century-themed indie feature film!


Hello, everyone!

I would like to bring a bit of our community’s attention to a project that has a lot in common with our subject matter here. It’s an independent film project written and directed by a film studies teacher, brought to life by the combined effort of his friends, colleagues and students, and supported by a serious group of people well versed in anything surrounding its topic.

The topic is: 14th century medieval Europe and the outburst of the Great Plague in Germany.

The movie is called Saint Sabastian’s Cry (Pláč svatého Šebestiána).

Website link
Hithit crowdfunding page
Facebook link

As I said, its creators are film enthusiasts, students and teachers and the movie’s authors’ aim is to create a feature film that would (on top of telling a gripping historical drama):

  1. create the most authentic depiction of its times possible
  2. bring about a number of rather deep paralells between the past and today
  3. make a bit of a throwback to the esthetics of the classic historical dramas made in Czechoslovakia in the sixties, like Údolí včel (The Valley of the Bees), or Markéta Lazarová by František Vláčil

The movie’s production is already underway, with a large part of its shooting completed. The last stage of principal photography is about to happen this August (in just a couple of weeks) after which it would all go into post-production, with the premiere scheduled for 2018.

The reason why the creators are asking for some additional support on Hithit is that, like most indie projects, this is being made on an extemely tight budget that pretty much only covers the production expenses (the only few people actually being paid here are some of the actors). However, the pool of money to cover the august shoot is running a bit low, so we are asking the public for some more support to be able to pull this thing off alright.

The funding on Hithit works a bit differently from the Kickstarter and such.
On Hithit, you pick and pay the pledges individually, so you can choose one of them repeatedly (to multiply the reward, like t-shirts), or you can choose more different pledges/rewards. You can find more info on the site.

Just as a sidenote, I myself am involved in the project as one of the volunteering participants, translating texts for the website and the Hithit page, plus the subtitles for the latest video featuring the Doba Karlova society.
And I have been supporting this project with my own pledges from the start. :slight_smile:
I also plan on joining the crew during the August shooting as a supporting member, so if you get one of the pledges with a participation reward, we might even potentially meet on the site in Lednice…

So, if you do have a couple of bucks to spare and would like to see yet another high-quality medieval-themed project happen with your help - please do consider supporting the Saint Sebastian’s Cry…

Thank you, good ladies and gentlemen!


Hello there!

I would like to say thanks to everyone who checked out this project and helped to send a word further. We have just passed our crowdfunding goal yesterday, which means the movie can be finished as planned!

So thanks again to everyone who joined the crowdfunding!
And now let’s keep our fingers crossed for the movie to turn out right… :wink: