Help with speech leveling

So, I’m REALLY close to level cap now, but I’m held back on the last level of Speech.

I’ve talked to just about every NPC I can find roaming every city I can find, I’ve done every quest I can find that hasn’t been closed off to me (there were a few), I’ve read every skillbook that I’m aware of, I’ve used the Charlotten (sp?) until I couldn’t find him anymore (not sure where he goes after resolution of his quest) and I’ve haggled my ass off with vendors (which seems to do nothing?) and to my dismay I am still sitting just over level 19 in Speech.

Please, if anyone can think of anything to help me out, I need it. I can’t even use the priest exploit because I finished that mission without knowing about it. Sure I could load an earlier save, but then I’d have to relevel ALL my other skills…

Again, if anyone can rack their brains, think of something I missed, point out some enlightening info, or cue me into a new exploit, I’ll take whatever advice I can get.

In this guide there are listed 4 speech skill book. Check if you have already read all of them.

Yup, all 4, unfortunately.

You have to talk to everyone you can with all there speech options. Side quests can help too. It is hard to raise unless you do a lot of quests.

Yeah the problem I’m having at this point is having already exhausted a great deal of speech options with NPCs in the game. I’m literally hunting for new dialogue at this point.

Haggling and persuade guards are the only real way now it would seem.

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That’s an exploit. Reported.

Yeah I’ve been kinda desperate for ANYTHING for months.

If they don’t have an in-game method for me to level my speech outside of this exploit, odds are I’m gonna use it.

Shit part is it doesn’t seen to work. Or at least I’m not doing it right.

Been over a year now. Just finished the Band of Bastards DLC, using speech whenever it came up, successfully, and I’m STILL not at cap for speech. I’m at 589/620 (95%).

If anyone has any updated ideas or methods, I’m all ears. I’m also not above abusing exploits if they exist, as in my mind, I should have capped this skill (and thus, my level) ages ago.

As was mentioned above, the only way is to get caught on pickpocketing guards and then using speech in a dialogue. It will decrease you reputation a lot though…

Silence is Golden III

Oddly enough I ended up getting Speech exp through the tourney DLC. Because it resets every week, the dialogue can never be exhausted, so I was able to increase my speech organically through participation in the tourney.

But thanks for the help anyway.