Help! Xbox One Achievements Not Unlocking, Need Those Sweet Cheeves!

Hello- I have been trying for days now to get several achievements in this game and none will unlock. I got myself thrown into prison for ten days… achievement asks only for three… yet it now only says 23% completed. I tried the starvation achievement and it stopped at around 60%. The achievement for discovering all map locations is stopped at something like 93%. All fast travel spots are unlocked and displayed, and I even went back to all the less traveled ones to make sure I got the pop-up notification for discovering the fast travel point.

I have all DLC and my game is fully updated. I am playing on the Xbox One X. Please help, I have lost several days on this and not getting anywhere, very frustrated. Thank you for any help!

Does anybody at least know how I might get some help? Where do I go, who do I contact?

The achievements are not working on xbox for me as well. Based on the extreme bug infestation of this game, this is just a minor issue.