Henry in alt Böhmen


I am wondering a little about the name Henry. When I hear Henry I have to think abput England, English language countries, not east europe. Have I a lack of education or why you are using Henry instead of Heinrich or similar?


Henry mean “Jindřich” in Czech :slight_smile: sometimes also “Hynek”


Ok, but I cannot still unterstand Henry in this case.


They wrote story in Czech :slight_smile: and then start to translate it to English, German, etc (Jindřich = Heindrich / Heinz in German) So they simply translated name…Nobody from England/USA/Germany or from France will be not able to say “Jinřich” because of “ř” :slight_smile:


Several types of speech were considered, from heavy use of old English, to American accents, but ultimately they decided that mostly American would be the easiest to understand for most people. There will be subtitles.


So, I am sure the people would learn it, when his name comes to speech. In this way you can learn new languages, too. I want to play games like this (or AOE2 or similar) to learn something new. I do not want to turn my brain off.
Also I prefer diversity, when everything is made fitting to avoid cultural misunderstanding the diversity goes lost. In this way we are learning from each other, it removes fear and reduce prejudice. That is important.


hehe :slight_smile: Dan Vávra talk about it…they use lost of Czech names (Bořek, Zbyšek, etc.) and they must to learn this their actors from England :smiley: and trust me…when someone who is not from Czech rep. try to say “ř” it is really funny :slight_smile:
And bcs Czech rep. and Slovakia are really small “game market” they don`t do Czech language…only subtitles. But they promised us Czech dubbing (but with 6+ months delay)

And play this :slight_smile: #GoogleTranslator


I had three years school spanish and a half year school turkish. I have not kept much, but how to pronounce words with Tsch, Dsch, enje and ll is no problem.


Zbyšek von Karolinenthal, Diviš’s captain is far too hard for most people remember let alone pronounce. They replaced him with Robard.


With a little practice it would work. I am sure.

When professional voice actors have problems to pronounce a word or name correctly, they failed the job or they are to overpaid.


And you have already tried to hire some actors, haven’t you? Well, in Warhorse they did, and as Dan said, it was very difficult. If they insisted on English speaking actors able to speak with correct Czech pronunciation, there would be noone to play in cutscenes. You may say “you all failed, you are overpaid”, but then you would have no actors.


Fucking hell. :laughing: Czech made me laugh, while English just made me feel sorry for the speaking translator.


Trust me, even for some of us czechs (albeit of german descent) saying ‘ř’ is quite difficult. Hus, who first came with all these useless marks, should burn at the stake for his bigotry!


In texts from medieval times, you can came across Henrik, Heinric, Hennrich and so on… so why not Henry? It fits well.


Those are beauty marks on our wonderful language!