Henry’s future

Would it be a safe bet that Henry would end up on the hussite side in the Hussite wars? Radzig was a follower of Jan Hus, and was murdered in 1416 by anti Hussites. He could be driven by grief and revenge to join the Hussites. Here is another angle: Sir Hans Capon was an anti hussite. So could Henry possibly have to fight his old friend in a future game, if it is set in the Hussite wars?

It would be nice if we actually had the choice, and would give it a little more replayability. This game was incredibly linear where regardless of our choices we were funneled down a single path.

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I get a feeling pt3 might be a direct continuation to avoid that very problem. Assumedly they’re going to use same engine, even if in _ many years it’ll be playable on a more reasonable PC by the march of time, so they could pretty easily have KCD2 read your old savefile or simulate one like the witcher2-witcher3 continuation.

Warhorse is kind of in a difficult position. how can in pt3 henry have another progression arc for skills. pt1 and pt2 packaged together as one game is a rather smooth transition even though once you hit lv14ish you’re pretty much a master of you play style. Combat needs a significant overhaul, I think they know that, so the current stat and perk system probably can’t be translated directly to a 2nd game. maybe when it’s overhauled you could get your skillpoints back to reinvest. If they (please don’t) keep the combat system the same, a fresh newgame maybe will give you uniform ~10 stats so you have something to work for, and for returning players a higher max level cap of 30. You wouldn’t be in Rattay anymore, 20 speech or charisma won’t cut it in a larger court. You might also be fighting even higher skilled knights to give you a new power gap, although it doesn’t make much sense if your henry has killed/defeated 4+ career knights like Hagen zoul and Wolflin of Kamberg.

Now the Hussite wars would be a 10+ year time jump. henry’s lineage, beset by tragedy, could have Henry be among radzigs retinue that dark day in 1416 when Henry and Radzig die.

Kingdome Come Deliverance 2 begins with henry’s son, Martin, around 1420-1430ish, out for revenge. After a cinematic intro showing an older content Henry with his wife Teresa at Radzig’s castle, their young child named in honor of his Father and raised with his wisdom. then fateful journey that ends in the ignoble death of Radzig, Henry, and his guards at the hands of an anti hussite mob… and Markvart von Aulitz.

It gives us a new character to train up from a squishy weakling and a new generation of plate armor to populate the game with. You start to get white harnesses becoming the true norm and early gothic armors if they cludge the years a bit during the 2nd quarter of the 15th century.

I’d like this, because it gives us a new start, a newer generation of armor, and a historical conflict with a very clear way to give Henry II an actual choice in a conflict.

Spoilers from 600 years ago, you have the hussites versus the catholic church and Sigismund. Henry II has literally all the reason in the world to fight for the Hussites and Bohemia, but during this war there is a schism within the hussites that leads to it becoming 2 factions, the moderate and the radical. The moderate hussites switch allegiances to the catholic church and Sigismund after being secured in their freedom to practice their faith under Rome and both hunt down and defeat the Radical Hussites.

Henry II can make a choice here between peace and war. the older and wiser Hans Capon who like Techgenius said fought for Sigismund during this conflict, asking Henry (the child he raised as a ward?) to choose a path towards piece and order, failing to avenge your Father or Grandfathers or Henry can go down the path of vengeance and war

One path Henry chooses to fight with the radical hussites and gets a final showdown with Markvart von Aulitz (who in a bit more historical teasing since he died in 1402 before KCD began) the man who murdered Sir radzig, his grandfather, and Henry. Only you the player, via historic foreknowledge, would know this path would eventually leads to death in the failed hussite rebellion or a life as Sir Henry II, yet another robber baron plying his trade on the battlefields of europe.

the bad(good) path, the one ghost Martin would approve of, you side with the moderate hussites to bring peace and order back to the land. At the cost of fighting the charismatic lord [tbd] who took you in, fought at your side, and acted as your paternal figure through most of the game. A man of steadfast conviction to his faith and country who won’t give up his ideals even if all of bohemia burns.

Neither Option would feel good or like a victory and that is the kind of thing that KCD excelled at.

Now that’d be a damn fine game I’d be glad to see Warhorse make. If I accidentally nailed it or you want to use it Warhorse, just give me a writers credit somewhere :laughing:

lol, impossible to suggest something when even the first game deceived expectations.

I thought what the first act will be a story about liberation of Vaclav 4. 1403 year, protogonist is young.
Second act - about Grunewald, something like “The Knights of the Cross” of Sienkiewicz. 1410, protogonist already seasoned knight and there he could to meet Yan Zizka.
And third - Husite wars. 1420.

But first game tolled own story with minimum famous and significant historical events. In fact prolog and epilog only, so in ather games may be anything.

Hans Capon should marry Jitka of Kunštát in 1403 at the latest, and in 1404 their son Hynce would be born. Hynce was folower of hussites. Why? Maybe his father betrayed Henry, and Hynce found it? Henry was prisoned.
In 1410, Racek was appointed burgrave of Vyšehrad by King Wenceslas. In 1412, he was permitted to build his castle, Komorní Hrádek. In 1415, Racek was mentioned as a patron of the Chocerady church. Komorni Hradek is northwwest of Rataye.
Will the Racek take Teresa and Henry’s son with him? Is the situation repeated with secrecy who is his father and that he is of noble blood? After 16 years, young Hynce visits him and tells him what happened to his father?

Henry’s son sets out to free his father and fulfill his mission.