Henry’s Watch - Kingdom Come Deliverance themed watch face (Facer)

I made this watch face for facer last week but I forgot to post it here. as far as i know it works fine with android smartwatches and mostly works with samsung smartwatches. No idea if it works with Apple smartwatches as i don’t have one to test.

It’s based on the sleep/wait screen from the game and is both analogue and digital. The outer dial rotates to show the 24 hour time as in the game. There is an alt version where the dial stays fixed and the pointer rotates instead. There is a separate 24 hour digital clock version because of font issues.

I’ve also created an animation free version which might be easier on battery life. Plus one without the temperature as some devices (Samsung Gear watches) don’t seem to show it properly.

You’ll need to have facer installed to use it.


I’ve finally updated Henry’s Watch and added the actual sunrise and sunset to the dial. I’ve also made the night colouring symmetrical as it was previously tied to the positioning on the sunset and sunrise. I also dumped some of the unused versions of the watch face.

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If there are any fans of 12AiN’s Clock HD Mod I’ve done a version of the watch face based on their mod. This one is 12 and 24 hour but lacks the ‘am/pm’ suffix, so I don’t have to maintain 2 versions.

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This is really cool. Don’t have a smartwatch but if I did I’d definitely use it. Well done my dude.

Hey! How does it work with squareshaped watches?