Henry will never have a chance to learn 「master strike」?

It is supposed Capt. Bernard should return to Rattay after the quest「Ginger in a Pickle」, but sometimes he will stay in the stable and Henry will never have a chance to learn 「master strike」.

Firstly follow clues but don’t report to Capt. and finally get Ginger.
Then ask Zora and bring bad news back to Ginger.
After those report to Capt. certainly Henry will get a good dressing-down.
Finally report to Sir. Radzig at night.
Then the quest is completed, but Capt. Bernard himself will stay in Neuhof permanently.

If Henry reported to Capt. earlier or report to Sir. Radzig during dayrtime, Capt. Bernard would go back to Rattay normally. So I think it should be a glitch.

Moreover, how am I supposed to learn 「master strike」after that glitch happened? Is there any chance to fix it without having to reload old saves? Honestly I really don’t want to reload old saves for hundreds hours were spent after that quest…

Are you playing on console or PC? This bug has been fixed ages ago in one of the patches, at least for me, because I got the same bug same as yours back then.

On PC, and the version is 1.9.2-404S

[XBOX] My Bernard is bugged as well, stuck in Neuhof. I even lured him to the town but he just came back to Neuhof (on foot). Is there any fix to this? I dont want to lose my progress by reloading to some old save. Its 1.9.2 version, what the hell.