Herbalism Stuck at 20


Hello, i wanted to play a kingdom come for a second time. because on release it was…quite buggy.
So i started a new game, all good so far but now my herbalism Skill is Stuck at 20, neither books nor picking up plants change the expierence, it is Stuck. i don’t have any mods only the “cheat” mode cause i read on this forum you can increase a perk by cheating and it works again. But unfortunatly it doesn’t work. Any Ideas? (Please no new Game, iam a working fulltime)

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Not sure what’s your problem…
20 is max. In everything…

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What? For Real? But i don’t get any perks from it, only “Resistent”



You should have up to 5 https://kingdomcomedeliverance.wiki.fextralife.com/Herbalism+Perks

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