Herny's Hardcore Hints for Devz

Hi there I am Henry :boy: and I just lost 3hours of gameplay running around Womans Lot DLC because some pumpkinhead figured it would be a hardcore thing to remove autosaves from the game alltogether…

I know on PeeCee you can probably mod the horrible erreor of yer ways out, but on PS4 its not dat easy T_T

But fear do not, your fate isnt completely doomed to angry mob burning down yer studio as I (Henry) thought up a solution for you in my peasnt head \o/

So here it is; Hardcorr mode exists because normal mode is obviously just too easy for anyone above 5yo right?
But then Hardcore mode is just too stupidly overloaded with inconviiniet crap for masochists and other ungodly creatures, which leaves an ordinary Henry such as myself unsatisfied right ?
So why dont you just let us decide what difficulity options we want in and which ones we dont its that simple XD

Some peeps dont like staring at the map for ages - well let them opt out.

Some peeps dont like lack of autosaves - let them opt out of that.

Some peeps dont mind lack of autosaves untill their game crashes… - so let them opt out or better yet just remove the thing alltogether…

And so on, easy right ?

Or at least fix something up for WOmans Lot dlc because these 3h of gameplay are going to be a bitch to get through again >.<

How come its me(Henry) who always has to save everyone…

The only thing hardcore mode does is add the “inconvenient crap” as you say. It doesn’t make enemies harder or anything, so if you don’t like the inconvenience then stick to normal.